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I am ME. I love to refer to myself as ME. I stand tall, I stand alone. I hold a public post. I and my state governor do not get along because our differences are many. I am a man of policy. I don’t care if the world is against a thing and I am the only one standing by it as long as it is the truth.

I am not a trouble maker but once ‘threatened’ an APC chieftain. I was on his street and no one dared come to challenge me. Again, I am ME. Don’t worry about that, we have made up. Though some people still believe he is part of those fighting me. I am ME. I recently created a public scene, it shook the country, emmm, I am ME. I do not let people oppress me. My political best friend also carries a name that President is attached to. I am ME. I intend to fight every of my case in court and win. I am ME. Do you know me?
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