Kylie Jenner Calls Kris In Tears & Fears For Dog's Life After Burglar Alarm Triggered At Home

A terrified Kylie Jenner sobs down the phone to mum Kris when the burglar alarm system at her home is triggered while she’s away. In a preview clip for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , the teenager phones her mum in tears after getting an alert that something’s not right at the California property.

A panicked Kylie is stuck in traffic miles away when she gets the alert, so phones mum Kris, worried any intruder may harm her beloved dog Norman. “They said there are motion detectors, break ins, glass breaking, all in the master bedroom. Normy! What if they do something to Norman?!’ screams Kylie.

Kris, who is at home, tries to stop Kylie worrying, saying she’s sent boyfriend Corey Gamble around to check out just what is happening. “They aren’t going to do anything to your dogs, calm down. I’ll take care of it. Kylie, honey, everything is going to be okay.”
After Kylie rings off, Kris speaks directly to Corey, who is still a few minutes away from the house. She tells him it’s easier if she pops round to Kylie’s house as she’s closer, but Corey won’t let her.

"No, you can't even protect yourself. Let me deal with it,” says Corey.

“Listen, she is safe. She is not home. It will be issues with the alarm system, but just in case it’s not, you stay at home safely because I'm the one that knows how to defend myself.

“You do not, so let me handle it."

But an agitated Kris tells Corey he doesn’t understand as it’s not his child, warning if he doesn’t get to the house within the next four minutes then she’ll go herself.

Corey says Kris isn’t thinking logically and needs to chill out, but she fires back: “Don't tell me to chill out! You can't tell somebody when they're having a panic attack to chill out!"

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