Lady Gaga Admits Fame Made Her Lonely

Lady Gaga says fame made her so lonely it was “painful” and admits she cried in the arms of staff she barely knew when she was hassled in public. The singer, while discussing her rise to fame, reveals she found it hard to connect with her old friends in New York when she became an overnight star in 2008 around the release of Just Dance.

“Your whole life changes,” she says. “The atmosphere, the energy around you, the responsibility, it just zaps you into a rollercoaster. “I don’t think I will ever feel comfortable with fame.”

She does, however, say she is slightly more comfortable with being approached
in public. “Now 90% of the time I don’t give a s*** if someone has a camera in my face at the grocery store,” she says.
“I used to really shut down, get emotional, run to my car and cry – hold my security guard and weep in the arms of people that I didn’t even maybe really know that well yet, they just worked with me.

“I really had a hard time. It’s quite overwhelming.”

The 30-year-old singer also admits she also struggled to stay in touch with former friends in the club scene in New York.

“It was one of the most painful things I’ve emotionally had to deal with,” she reveals.

“It was so hard, not only because I missed them, but because I missed being there and living there, and my life there and nothing about being famous or making money ever trumped that.

“I felt at a deficit in a serious way and then you still have to be creative and artistic, but my muses are gone. Where are they? I needed them.

“But I’m friends with them all still. Lady Starlight, she has opened for me on every world tour I’ve ever done, arena tours, stadiums around the world.

“In that way I have felt healed, because what was important to me was to support and love the people that inspired me, the same way they gave to me, I wanted to give to them.

“None of them have ever made me feel weird or awkward about money or needing things.

“They’ve always all been about the art, all about the talent and all about working hard.”

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