Salman Abedi’s Former Lanlord Contacts Police, Says He Left STRONG SMELL Behind In Apartment


Salman Abedi sub-let a home in Somerton Court, in the Blackley area of the city, which was raided by armed police during the week. His former landlord contacted police after recognising the killer’s name. Mohamed al-Hudarey (inset), a friend of landlord Aiman al-Wafi, said there was a strong smell of chemicals left behind when Abedi suddenly moved out last month, and initially thought the killer had been practicing ‘black magic’.The 22-year-old suicide bomber is suspected of stockpiling peroxide at the barber shop owned by cousin Abdallah Forjani (pictured with him, centre). Abedi had rented the flat in Blackley for around seven weeks before moving out in a hurry and going to Libya. He is believed to have carried out the finishing touches to the deadly device which he activated at the Manchester Arena on Monday at another apartment in the city centre.

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