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Toke Makinwa, born November 3rd 1985, is a Nigerian Television and Radio personality as well as a Vlogger. She hosts her own weekly comedic series on her YouTube Vlog called Toke Moments. She was born in Abuja then her parents relocated to Lagos state. Toke is born into a family of four and she is the second child. Toke lost her parents at a very young age and was raised by foster parents Mr. & Mrs .Akinyelure.

At a much younger age Toke dreamt that she would get proposed to on Oprah Winfreys show, that she’d be on set with Oprah and he’d say “take any ring of your choice. Marry me.”
Toke Makinwa
Toke went to high school in Federal Government College Oyo State and is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature and has always known that she will be in the Nigerian entertainment spotlight.
Television and radio personality, Toke Makinwa, burst onto the scene in 2010 after the premiere of her late night radio show, “Rhythms of the Night,” hosted by one of the most popular music stations in the Lagos Metropolitan area, Rhythm 93.7FM. The show caters to night owls who enjoy smooth melodies that evoke a sense of peace, serenity and calm; qualities that this 27-year old exudes so effortlessly. This year, she landed the role of lead anchor on Flytime Entertainment’s online show “3 Live Chicks” alongside popular radio presenters, Oreka Godis and Tosyn Bucknor, where she was able to take charge of a live interview and dish on news across the board from hot topics to real day-to-day issues.”I’m not the type that shies away from the camera or back down on a challenge and that’s why the Nigerian viewers love me'” she says.
The petite Toke is a style icon and her immaculate styling has gotten her featured in fashion editorials like Exquisite Magazine, This Day Style, Mode Men, True Love, City People, Fashion TV and Complete Fashion Magazine. Mrs. Toke Mayida is known to have Nigerian design house April by Kunbi as a favourite, so much so that her breathtaking wedding dress was a product of April by Kunbi.

Toke is known for her party loving life style, just name any worthy event and she is there. Her captivating personality has  gotten her to host major events like the Future Awards, Most beautiful Girl in Nigeria, She was the official Fayrouz presenter for Darey Art Alade’s Love Like A Movie 2 and also co-hosts ‘3 Live Chicks’ where with other presenters – Oreka Godis &Tosyn Bucknor. Toke is also a host on the popular Flytime TV show  and just recently landed another gig as the host of Hip TV show ‘Trending’. Toke has always hoped to have her own TV Show and it seems her dream will be a reality this year from the way things are moving for her.
A graduate from the University of Lagos, Toke had always known that her charm and alluring countenance belonged in the spotlight.
In 2011, she started to build her portfolio working as a co-host on ‘The Morning Drive,’ where she keeps her loyal listeners entertained with news across the continent and the globe. Ms. Makinwa has been featured in major editorials including Exquisite Magazine, ThisDay Style, City People, Fashion TV and Complete Fashion Magazine,garnering attention for her petite figure but rivetting personality. As a skilled hostess, she was chosen to anchor the 25th edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant, embarking on a ride of a lifetime with aspiring beauty queens from every state. “I won’t say the sky is my limit. I believe it’s my starting point and as I keep working harder and mastering my craft, things will only get bigger and better.” she adds. Some call her ‘the life of the party,’ others say she’s a ‘globe-trotting beauty’ but stay tuned, this woman has exciting business opportunities up her alley in 2012.

Here are some of the best quotes she enchants her fans with,lolz…. Thus bringing to their respective notice how strong she can be…
—-“Life is hard, love is tough”
——“I love fashion, I breathe fashion, I eat fashion. I could be very occupied reading a fashion magazine. For me, fashion evolves, it’s an everyday thing. I like what I feel comfortable in, what makes me feel young, what interprets who I am. If the public would see that I’m fashionable I’d say thank you for that”
—–“I’m not one to shy away from the camera or back down on a challenge and that’s why the Nigerian viewers love me”
But funny enough,she told us about her pulse moment in a live interview, thus “ My husband doesn’t like my vlog”

Meanwhile, Toke has been having issues with a popular Nigerian ex-model,entrepreneur and blogger,Linda Ikeji for some time now,from the way things are getting messier between them, we fear this controversy isn’t going to end any time soon following the blows the two celebrities keep giving each other on air. For instance, Makinwa says Linda Ikeji should not be taken as a role model.
Toke Makinwa who works as a radio presenter on popular urban radio station Rhythm 93.7  dropped her comments on air while she was co-anchoring ‘The Morning Drive’ recently.
‘I don’t think Linda Ikeji is a role model. She’s a gossiper, She sells gossip’, Makinwa said on the show
‘I’m appealing to the younger generation not to take Perez Hilton or Linda Ikeji as a role model’, Makinwa said.
Ms. Ikeji, within a few years has moved from being media subject to media player; growing her platform to become one of Nigeria’s leading blogs; using mostly third party contents, reader engagement and  shocking personal revelations.
The popular blogger is normally under regular fire from readers and celebrities who think she often crosses the line.
Being a successful blogger is not all about gossip. Passionate about human interests stories, she has often dedicated her blog to supporting worthy causes, a recent example being the case of Okeoghene Ighiwotho – a diabetic patient who lost his toes and was bedridden for six years whose medical case has been taken up by the delta state government as a result of Ms. Ikeji’s blog.
This apparently does not impress Makinwa.
Linda Ikeji on her own side reacted to Makinwa’s comment by giving a brief biography of herself on her blog, detailing how she struggled as a teenager to make ends meet.All to disprove all Toke said about her…
Toke Makinwa was involved in an on and off relationship with long time boyfriend and fitness buff Maje Mayida up until they shocked everyone with a secret wedding just weeks after confirmation that they had ended things for good.
She wedded her long time boo on January this year,2014

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