A Story Of One Eb Reader, A Pharmacy Technician After Boss Tries To Rap Her Several Times.


Read chat as written below:

Lady:________ Good evening sir,am a member of Due process Advocate and i really need your help

[8/29, 10:31 AM] _________ : Am a pharmacy technician and i started working in Veta hospitals limited on June 6th 2015 and my boss has been on my neck so that i can date him

[8/29, 10:33 AM] ______ : At first, i thought it was a joke but later found out to be true from some colleagues though he do call any of his staffs to come upstairs and remove grey hairs which we oblige to[8/29, 10:38 AM] ___________ : By June this year,he tried raping me in his office and i ran out crying. After which i dropped my resignation letter but he refused to sign it and called me pleading never to repeat such again.

But to my utmost surprise, he tried it last saturday and i ran out but he later called the receptionist on phone to speak with me and ask me to come upstairs but i declined and that’s how he has been frustrating me to the extent that he ask one of the night nurses to send me out of where i slept last night and locked it

[8/29, 10:42 AM] ________ : I will be very grateful if you can help me out though have dropped my resignation letter this morning but i want to teach him a lesson so that he would make my case the first and the last. Help me please so that i won’t suffer this in vain  2:51AM

Emeka I would like to do something about your case. If these things happened, then the world should hear about them. How old is he?


Lady: 60

Emeka How old are You?

Lady: I want my pension remitted and security(he do deduct a month salary as caution fee; which is supposed to be paid to you if you give a month notice on resignqtion) money because I have noticed that he doesn’t give most staff that resigned. And many are intimidated to leave without their money, Please assist me sir.

Lady: 27

Emeka Nonsense! DPA will help. Stay strong and remind me tomorrow.

Lady: I would be grateful Thanks so much sir

He is the GMD of the hospital. Also a politician. Delta state health contributory commission chairman. Has police orderlies. The last person that tried to report her experience was humiliated ,and has to beg to be freed. from the police. I need your help. __________________________

NOTE: A powerful man is abusing his power. DPA will step in to straighten him out.

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