Do You Have The Skill To Analyze A Marital Dispute – Read Through The Story of This Lady and Give Your Opinion.


DO YOU HAVE THE SKILL TO ANALYZE A MARITAL DISPUTE? Read through the story of this lady and give your opinion. —————————- LADY: Good morning ma,I’m sorry for the delay…I had issues with my phone. My name is XXXXXX…I’m from Ondo state but married to a Delta man. I went into the marriage against my parents will and was determined against all odds to make it work so I bore everything that wasn’t palatable during the course of the marriage. We have 5 children,husband was always womanising especially after he lost his job and decided to have a beer parlor,..later he moved to Delta state when he got another job with the Ibori administration and for the next seven years we only get to see him about four to five times a year. I was a caterer then,so money issue wasnt a problem until I started having health issues an was advised to get a less stressful vocation…eventually I stopped the catering activities because I wasn’t meeting up with expectations….taking care of the home front financially fell heavily on my husband…the few times he comes home….became nightmares,eventually he tricked me into taking the children to the village on the pretext that they were coming for holiday but everything was set to keep the children back in the village….I stayedcin for a week before I was able to run away with my last boy,who was a few days to his seventh birthday then.I went back to our house in Lagos and he was perpetually threatening to come and take the boy. All these happened in the year 2013,he married his new wife later that year. I eventually left our house for I rented apartment the following year out of fear,husband bluntly refused to let me see my kids nor talk to them…whenever he knows they have seen me or talk to me,he and his wife verbally assaults and threaten them. I was able to see the children because they were in the boarding schools. I don’t have a steady source of income,taking care of my son and his school has been by the mercy of God,saving up to go and see the older children often times is a challenge but I still manage to go. Three weeks ago I went to Delta to see the triplet and they refused to talk to me instead they were begging me that I should go because I would get them in trouble with their father…this was very painful because these children were begging me to take them with me to Lagos the last time I saw them. Husband thought I was financially stable and asked me to help with feeding them but I refused that since the children lives with him he should be responsible for their well being especially as I am solely responsible for our last child….when he sold partnership of the land in Lagos,he did not remember how I laboured alongside him.please ma,help me to have access to my children,the only reason this man gave my children for his action is that we were always fighting, that we don’t get along and he keeps telling them that I would poison their mind against him. He insinuated to me,that not all the children are his but he couldn’t say which one then because they all look like him….please ma help me. Thanks sir.. —————– What do you think?

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