Domestic Violence – Read And Tell Us, DPA, Human Right How Do We Help This Lady And Her 4 Children.



This the mother of 4 children, whose case I reported yesterday. She has been a victim of domestic violence, rape and all manner of abuse by her husband over the years.

The last straw. One Sunday morning, her husband insisted that she should go to church without the children. She said she would rather not go to church if she was not going with the children. The man insisted she must go alone. She had no idea what he planned. She went to church alone. When she came back a couple of hours later, her children and her husband were nowhere to be found. The man moved with the children to an unknown destination. The woman has done all she could to locate her children. The man contacted her to inform her that one of her children died. He later informed her that the second one died also. Now, she heard that the third child died. The woman is devastated. It is not clear what has really happened to these children.

Move On this Case By DPA

DPA is planning a massive effort to locate these children and apprehend the man. The woman is in Bayelsa. The man is from Akwa Ibom. We believe that if these children are alive, they will be somewhere in either Bayelsa or Akwa Ibom. We will locate them.

We need help from volunteers to fund the mobilisation of people to get these children, if they are alive. If you wish to help, please send an inbox to either me or any of the Admins. We need to move ASAP.

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