How A Nigerian Man, Husband Defraud Wife For American Green Card.


HOW HUSBAND DEFRAUDED WIFE FOR AMERICAN GREEN CARD  – The story of Ude U. Ude and his wife, Comfort N. Kalu, is just about to begin.

Husband and wife both hale from Abriba in either Abia State. The man travelled to America, leaving his wife behind in Nigeria. The wife was made to believe that husband was searching for greener pasture for the family. But indeed, the man was abandoning wife in Nigeria for the American dream.

To fulfil that dream, the man had to marry an American woman to get a green card. If the story had ended at that point, it would have been a simple tale of an ordinary betrayal. But the story would go further to touch on fundamental criminality and violation of the US immigration laws, conspiracy, corruption, cover-up and obstruction of justice. The basic crime might have been committed when the man, Ude, while in America “divorced” Comfort in Nigeria in a Nigerian court without the knowledge of Comfort. Neither Ude nor Comfort actually appeared in court, but the court record says they were both presents. This implies that Ude and his lawyer rented impostors, one to pose as Ude and the other as Comfort.

Years after Comfort realized that she was played for American green card, she comes to DPA looking for justice. As DPA commenced an investigation, Ude, now a pharmacist in St. Louis, Missouri, who has dollars to throw around, has hired all manner of middlemen to hush the investigation.

His first line of attack against the investigation was that he filed a false report to Facebook. He claimed to be a dear friend of the DPA Founder and that he had observed that someone was using the Founder’s name to impersonate the DPA Founder. As dumb as this simple trick was, Facebook fell for it and temporarily disabled the DPA Founder’s Facebook account.

Other things Ude did was to engage an Abriba Pastor, now based in United Kingdom, Pastor Kalu Okerie, to get Comfort to keep quiet. The Pastor was actually the Pastor that had married the couple then in Nigeria. Apparently, the Pastor has been in the UK searching for greener pastures there too. Only God knows what he might have done to his own wife in Nigeria.

Pastor Okerie is seen telling Comfort to move on and discouraging her from making any claims against Ude.

This story is just beginning. Eventually, more will be known about the life Ude has lived in America since his arrival. And more will to be known about how the Nigerian court was fooled and duped into granting a sham divorce.

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