The Conjoined Twin Sisters Snatched At Birth Subjected To Cruel Medical ‘Experiments’


They were the world’s oldest living conjoined twins at the time of their death in 2003 aged 53.

Snatched from their mother following their birth, Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyopova were subjected to a variety of cruel medical ‘experiments’ by Stalin’s Soviet medical authorities, Dailymail claims.

The Russian girls shared a blood system but had separate nervous systems – so were seen as ideal subjects for research.

Treated as medical guinea pigs they were burnt, frozen, starved, electrocuted, kept forcibly awake and injected with radioactive and other toxic substances in the name of ‘science’, the paper further said.

The twins were institutionalised for much of their lives but their horrific story has now been revealed in full for the first time by journalist Juliet Butler who has also spoken to MailOnline.

Masha was a cruel, domineering ‘psychopath’ who was ’emotionally abusive’ to her caring, empath sister Dasha who remained gentle and kind and longed for a normal life. When Masha died in 2003, Dasha refused to have surgery to separate her from her sister and subsequently died from blood poisoning from the toxins of her sister’s decomposing body

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