Introducing New Malaria Drugs With Mango Flavour

If you know you hate the smell and taste of malaria drugs do like this🙋🏽

That smell that makes you want to throw up😷

Now read up, this is for you.Lumapil is an odorless anti-malaria drug with mango flavour to mask that nauseating smell of artemether/lumefantrine, which makes it more tolerable and easy to swallow.

The best part is, Lumapil is very effective, and recovery is rapid! You'd return to active life within 24 hours of the first in take.

Now, you can take a malaria drug in peace and without fear of throwing up.

In Igbo, they are called Onye Ujo Ogwu
In Yoruba, Eni ti o karira ogun lilo
In Hausa, Tsani Kamchin Magani .
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