Today Young lady shows off N35million G-Wagon her parents bought for her

We all love gifts especially when they are gotten from from friends and family in event of birthdays, naming ceremonies or best still weddings and graduations!
A priced possession is one not just to behold but also to share and brag about.

No one can keep calm as a young lady has taken to her Twitter handle to share pictures of the new G-Wagon her parents bought for her. The exotic ride reportedly costs about N35 million. Identified as Brenny (@brendaagyekum) on Twitter, she shared the pictures with the caption: “My parents got my dream car. God bless them, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.” This post was shared on Sunday, March 4.
Sparking a whole lot of reactions online from people who want to be her boyfriend to those who just want to be adopted by her parents…and yes, the category of people disowning their own folks.
one Nasir Makarfi (@MNaseer) said: “So let’s get that right, ‘got your dream car?’ which means it’s ‘their’ car not ‘yours’, or ‘got you your dream car?’ which means it’s ‘yours’ hence most people are felicitating with you.”

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