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The War Against The Side-chick Did Not Just Start.

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Two years ago, a group of angry wives formed a Facebook group known as MAHS (Movement Against Husband Snatchers). Many angry wives joined the group. Their leaders contacted me and asked me to become the lawyer for MAHS.  

I looked at the whole thing and I explained to them the implications of what they were trying to do. They had agreed that once any of them reported a single lady as eying her husband, all of them would team up to attack the single lady. I asked them immediately to show me what they planned to do to the husband of their friend eying a single lady. Nothing! Nothing to be done against the man. All their weapons were directed at any single lady eying the husband of any of their members. I asked them what if A member of MAHS was caught eying the husband of another member, they all shouted: "Impossible; we are sisters". I carefully declined to be their lawyer. But also, I warned them to stay out of trouble. They didn't listen. 

Two weeks later, I got a distress call. The police had arrested two members of MAHS. They attacked one lady accused of eying the husband of one of the women. They went to the lady's shop and threatened her. And some of the women sent her a text message threatening to destroy her. The lady went to the police. The police arrested the wife of the man and two members of MAHS, and were looking for the rest. 

The police accused them of being cultists and irming criminal gang with plans to commit murder and destruction of property. Very serious offenses. These women were begging me to save them from the long arms if the law. In the end, I begged the single lady to accept 200k in order to close the case. 

That was the end of MAHS. So, dear angry wives, remember what happened to MAHS. 

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