Bishop of a Church in PH Thrown His Wife Out Because She Looked Over her sister involved in Gas Explosion

Bishop of a Church in PH Thrown His Wife Out Because She Looked Over her sister involved in Gas Explosion

Culled From DPA, Read on… Emeka Ugwuonye I pity this girl. I wanted to help her. But I cannot. I hope you understand why we cannot help her from DPA. I will do anything else I can outside DPA. But DPA cannot help her. I hope you learn a lesson from this. 

The picture attached is that of her sister that died:

LADY Daddy pls I need ur help and also ur advice I am one of ur member but not registered yet,due to financial issue.

Daddy my hubby wants to take my son away from me, pls I need ur assistance. He asked me to leave his house because I pass a night in my younger sisters house DD: Is that the only problem? You passed the night in your sister’s house and he now wants you to pack out?

LADY: Yes daddy

DD: If that were the only problem, I will solve it now even though you refused to register. But I don’t think that is the only problem. Why did you sleep outside without telling him or discussing it with him and getting his approval?

LADY: His said he will kill me and my family if we didn’t bring my son back to him

DD: And why would he ask you to leave the first time you did such a thing? Well, before we get to the killing part, let’s clear some basics. Why is he doing this to you the first time you have an issue?

LADY: I received a call on the 14th of June that my sister had a gas explosion in her house. And I called my hubby and told him, he now said if I was the person that was involved will my family run like a mad people the way am running now to come and see me.

I now rushed to the hospital where they took her to Before getting to the hospital they transfer her to LUTH So I was at LUTH still 9pm that day. Where we live is far from there. And decide to go to my sisters place to pass the night and to see what and what that got burnt.

DD: I am reading your comment

LADY The incident was on Thursday and the next day being Friday, as early as 6am I left my sisters house to my place So I was on my way when he called me and asked me where I was. And I told him that we are on our way going, that I was so tried the previous day.

he now said I should give my son the phone to talk to him My son told him same thing. He then cut off the phone and later called bck, that I should not go into his house That were ever I slept that should go bck there. That I should pack my things and leave his house.

Before then any little thing that happened he will ask me to leave his house. Or will not call or send feeding money to us Unless I start begging him or call his friends to beg on my behalf.

He is a Bishop of a Church in PH. He never allows me and my son to come visit him in PH. Let me narrate the things to u sir.

When I was 5months pregnant in 2013 because I put to bed 14 April, my husband left me to Abuja,he never came bck until when my son was 4month. Early 2015 he said he want to be a pastor, and I told him no that I don’t want to marry a pastor as at then he has not paid my dowry. He later called the mother telling the mother of what I said ,when do mother called me,I told her that I don’t want to marry a pastor.

He later called the mother telling the mother of what I said ,when d mother called me,I told her that I don’t want to marry a pastor. The mother now said that his son has a call,that I should allow him to answer his call

I now said no that I don’t want to marry a pastor, he then travel to Lokoja, and came after some day and said he want to be a pastor. I now asked him ok,if u want to be a pastor and that his Church will be in PH.

I then asked him meaning we are relocating to PH he said no, that him alone is going tha he will be coming every 2weeks, and that any time my son is on break from school that we will come. Hmmm, I said ok.

So daddy since 2015 he left to PH to start up a ministry he don’t come home even in 3month. And any time he comes he stay just 2 or sometimes he 3 days and go bck,still after 3-5 month before he comes bck

But since this incident happened I have already moved my thing out of his house. Since July,because I later lost that my sister on the 29 of June 2018. And he didn’t come for the wake keep of that my sister and the burial

Now daddy since September he has been calling my Younger brother, My mum sister and my uncle telling them to tell me bring my son to him. Otherwise he will do what nobody will expect.

I could have send u the voice record when he asked me to leave his house and that there’s no human born of a man can do him anything. But daddy i don’t know how to send it through this means.

Daddy alot has happened that I can’t even write, my husband always celebrate his birthday from 2015 still dis year,he never for once invite me and my son over to PH to celebrate with him. Telling his church members what he is not.

There’s no trace of me in his Facebook, except my sons pics. Daddy pls I want u to help me,let him leave me ,my son and family alone. Even my son his fighting to take away from me,he said with his own mouth that if it’s because of the boy I have for him,that I should take him and go,that is holding know that nothing bothers him in life.

Even my son his fighting to take away from me, he said with his own mouth that if it’s because of the boy I have for him, that I should take him and go, that is should know that nothing bothers him in life. Now his treating killing me and my family if I didn’t give him myboy.

DD: Well! Your case is more serious than I thought. There is one question I must ask you before I determine how to help you. Do you want to remain married to this man or do you want to dissolve the marriage by getting a divorce? It is your decision and it is up to you how you respond to this question

LADY: Daddy i don’t want the marriage any more. Am no longer interested in d marriage. The man that always tell me that he knows when he will die etc. Daddy am no longer interested. Let him leave me and my son and family alone My son is just 4yrs

DD: We will support your decision. But I have a question for you.

LADY: Ok daddy Thank u so much daddy U will live long

Am ready to answer ur question Daddy do u believe that the night of our wedding Dec 26 2015,he did not sleep in same room with me and my son,I didn’t know where he went to still the next day. 2016 I was pregnant and he denied his not responsible for it, I called his family ,but finally I had miscarriage

Early this year again I got pregnant and he said his not ready before u know I had another miscarriage He built a house for us, but none of his property is in d house. None of his pin is in d house, just me, my son and my house girl.

He gives me 30 or 40k monthly but anytime we have issues he will not give me any money

And will not call me,he don’t allow me to go to church My Daddy i have gone through a lot from my hubby He refused me working or doing any thing,even the house his building in PH before I left his house, I asked him after building the house hope we will come over to PH,he said no Daddy pls help me out, he believes that there no body that can confront him 3:14 PM

DD: My question is this: Are you ready?

LADY: Ready for the divorce? Yes sir

DD: How long have you been on DPA Forum? 10:41 PM

LADY: A year plus before my phone got missing and I now got this

DD: Why didn’t your register?

LADY: I even changed my face book name that I was using then,because my hubby is just tracing all my friends I have spoken to u before about this issue before I miss place my formal line

The name I was using before is Nkechi Ebere Just have to change my name so that he will not be able to trace me again

Daddy i don’t have money on me now,but promise to do that

DD: You have a very good case. You seem to be a nice person. But DPA cannot help you because you refused to register. I suggest you try elsewhere. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, no one else can help you. You need to be connected to get justice. DPA is the only way ordinary people get justice in this country.

LADY: Daddy pls I beg u Hmmm Oh my God Daddy pls

DD: I’m not talking of now. This is not the time to register. Sorry. The conversation is over actually. Try your poster or your Representative in the House of Representatives or your Senator. DPA is not available to you. Sorry

LADY Daddy pls I will register,I don’t have money But promise to register tomorrow Daddy pls I beg u Daddy pls I beg u Pls I don’t have any body to help me but u

DD: Please don’t think I don’t sympathize with you. I do. In fact, I will be praying for you. It is just that we cannot help you from DPA because you did not meet the requirement for receiving help from us

LADY: Daddy pls I know Will resigter tomorrow and also renew my registration Pls I have been begging friend for money since u reply my message, because I know I should have registered before now.


It is unfortunate how the average Nigerian behaves. We gave you DPA. You know that come rain come shine, DPA will always be able to make a difference in your cases. Even if jus just to help present your case, DPA will add value to you. But you cannot do simple thing you are required to do – Register. When you register, you give us the opportunity to represent you. If Chacha had known about DPA and had registered, it would have been better to fight for her without being harassed. If you cannot register and cannot ask for help with registration, we will treat you as someone who rejected us, and we will be stupid to come to your rescue. If this lady did not know about DPA all this while, I can understand. In fact, about 6 months ago, I gave her some advice on her case free of charge. That was enough time for her to register. But she REFUSED. Visits DPA on Facebook and register.

DPA has taken care of the case

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