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Surrogacy: What Do You Think About It? Read From A Victim

Surrogacy: What Do You Think About It?

A lady approached me today on Facebook and informed me that she is ready and willing to be a surrogate mother for any adoptive parent that is willing to pay her for it.

Before I could go further with her on this, I thought I should present this idea for DPA members for a debate. I want to know how you view the idea. But let me explain what it means.

This lady who is fertile will offer her womb for the purpose of bearing a child for another parent. Where will the sperms come from? They may come from the man who may be married to a wife that cannot bear a child. The man may also be single, but wants a child. The sperms may come from a total stranger or from a sperm bank if there are any available. In that case, the man is the one who cannot impregnate his wife, and the wife agrees for somebody else to provide both the egg and the sperm.

The bottomline is that this surrogate mother knows she is bearing a child for others and will hand over the child upon birth and not assert any parental claim whatsoever.

There are many ethical issues involved. First, does the law of this country allow a person to hear a child for another in exchange for money? Can you effectively alienate the natural rights of a biological parent based on a commercial transaction? Three, will this be anonymous surrogacy, which is allowed in Nigeria, but not allowed in many parts of the western world? Can this be converted into adoption to avoid these complex legal potholes?
Surrogacy: What Do You Think About It?

Before I go further, I will attach as a screenshot, the opening chat I got from the woman, while I will hide the rest of our chat.

Good day sir
Pls can I have your attention daddy
I feel safe come here to say this
Pls I would like to be a surrogate mum and get paid. Pls can you post this anonymously and also be my lawyer if I eventually find one whom I will be surrogate for.thank you
10:11 AM

How much are you looking to be paid for that?

3 to 5 million naira sir and if am lucky to get more I wouldn't mind sir

Very well. Give time to plan the announcement

Ok sir thank you sir
Pls sir notify me when you do sir
I av actually been to a hospital here in lagos but the payment is not encouraging
Being that am a single mother with 3 children I need a better pay to care for my children while I am helping a prospective parent to be happy
Thank you sir I appreciate your response DD
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