11 Beautiful Cat-Themed Home Decor Accessories & Gifts For Cat Lovers


We love cats and some Feel just crazy about cats? You, the internet’s cat videos, and our cat-themed home décor accessories are not alone. Cats make our lives lighter, brighter, and just that touch more cuddly. Inject some personality into your daily routine with a cat toothbrush holder above the bathroom sink. Shed light on your next party with cat-faced fairy lights. Go that step too far in the workplace with a cat butt pencil sharpener. Get cat-friendly in your home or office with cat-themed metal wall art, or decorate your flowerbed with a charming garden statue. Embrace your love for these whimsical creatures with our top 52 picks for cat-themed décor and accessories.

BUY Cat-Shaped Table Lamp: Want a table lamp with a difference? This white porcelain beauty’s incisions reflect out light before sleep-time.

BUY Cat Night Light: Looking for kids’ night lights instead? This cute kitten offers a seven-colour light mode – and a portable design your kids can hold.

BUY Cat Ear Headphones: Play the cool cat, with these innovative headphones. Over the ear cushioning ensures a secure fit and exterior silence – or, turn on the cat ears to blast the music outside. USB-rechargeable.

BUY ITCat-Shaped String Lights: Have a party planned for a cat-mad friend? Light up the occasion, with these handmade, battery-operated and cat-faced fairy lights.

BUY Cat Wall Decals: Wish a cat would tear into the room? Take your dream literally, with these 3D wall decals simulating moggy madness.

BUY Vinyl Cat Wall Decals: Want something a little more subtle? These sitting, jumping and playing cats provide interior personality in vinyl.

BUY Stylish Cat Art Print: Love a grumpy cat? Clad yours in a beanie, in this artisticprint on 100% cotton rag paper.

BUY Framed Cat Artwork: Black cat lovers can’t go past this framed print by Jon Bertelli. Its 17×17 poster is framed with sturdy black wood and plexi glass for protection.

BUY Colorful Cat Canvas Art: Printed on canvas, this close-up injects more colour. Hang its 20×20 inch frame on your bedroom or lounge wall.

BUY Cat-Themed Metal Wall Art: Think you’re just looking at wall art? Think again. This black cast iron kitty can hang on your wall, or act as a hot-plate coaster to protect your kitchen table.

BUY ITCat-Themed Bed Sheet: Get your daughter the cat-themed bedroom she dreams of. This pretty-in-pastel design offers a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

BUY ITCat With Glasses Bed Set: Buying for a boy instead? This cotton and polyester blend sleeps your son amongst cool cats.

BUY Cat Shower Curtain: For a shower that’s fun for all the family, this cat curtain is a treat. Machine-washable in polyester, you can buy the matching bath rug to complete the full set.

BUY Cat-Shaped Rug: There’s nothing like a sleeping cat to calm the senses. Place this polyester mat where your cat likes to doze – and get a free mermaid necklace to boot.

BUY Cat-Shaped Pillows: Plush and available in three colours, these cats provide the perfect form for a late-night snuggling session.

BUY Judgmental Cat Pillow: People judge; but so do cats. Be a cat person first, with this provocative pillow upon your lounge-bound sofa.

BUY More Cat-Themed Cushions: Prefer cuter characters? This wide range of cat pillows provides all you need for a purring good time.

BUY Cat Hook & Holder: Brush your teeth in the shower? This plastic white cat holds your brush and paste in a cat-themed bathroom.

BUY Cat Hampers: Cats don’t just eat in laundries – they own them. This yellow-eyed felt moggy hides all your dirty laundry in these unique laundry baskets.

BUY Cat Toilet Paper Holder: Shopping for the friend who has everything? This cast iron toilet paper holder in the shape of a cat is an unusual find.

BUY Decorative Cat Wall Hooks: Need somewhere to hang your bags? This stain-resistant and rust-proof rack lets you hang your raincoats amidst a bevy of cats.

BUY ITCat Butt Magnets: Have decorative wall hooks on your radar? These vinyl cat butts add the unusual to your interior.

BUY ITCat Mugs: Get a dose of cuteness with your caffeine. These ceramic cat mugs – and free matching spoons – come in black or white.

BUY Surprise Cat Coffee Mug: Don’t expect to find a cat in your mug? These unique coffee mugs exceed all expectations.

BUY Cat Tea Cup With Infuser: Infuse your tea, feline-style. This crazy cat mug in glass strains through a fish.

BUY Cat Tea Infuser: Available in pink or grey, these adorable clingers-on strain through non-toxic silicone.

BUY Cat Coasters: Get a moggy face for every cup. These silicone coasters are a quirky way to protect your table.

BUY Cat Butt Coasters: Drink coasters never seemed so rude. Hand-crocheted in 100% cotton, they’re a find to hide away when your Grandma comes over.

BUY Black and White Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set: After salt and pepper shakersfor a romantic date? Set these ceramic love-cats upon the dining table.

BUY Cat-Shaped Wine Holder: Give the gift of wine, with a cat on the side. This handmade metal holder is perfect for the dining table or kitchen.

BUY More Fancy Whimsical Cat-Themed Wine Holders: Can’t choose between metal, ceramic, or just plain crazy? This range of wine holders all use cats as their feature.

BUY Cat Cutting Board: Handmade in the US with cherry, black walnut and maple woods, these unique cutting boards are almost good enough to eat.

BUY Cat Egg Mould: Surprising a cat lover for breakfast? Shape their eggs in a cat’s face, while they cook on the pan.

BUY Cat Ice Cube/Chocolate Moulds: Give the gift of the feline form, in these rubber chocolate and ice-cube moulds.

BUY Cats Pattern Embossing Rolling Pin: Want to go the extra mile? Imprint your cookies with cats for the Christmas season.

BUY Cat Tongs: Looking to add to your cat kitchen decor? These Japanese-made, dishwasher-safe cat tongs are some cool kitchen gadgets.

BUY Cat Spoons: Made from ceramic and stainless steel, these unique flatwarespoons add a smile to your tea time.

BUY Cat Measuring Spoons: Make baking fun again! These ceramic measuring spoons come adorably gathered with a ribbon bow tie.

BUY Nested Cat Measuring Cups: Use liquids more often? See a cat’s face at the bottom of these ceramic cup measurements.

BUY Cat Footed Bowl: Switch up your nut bowl, with cat’s paws underneath. Its non-porous stoneware is microwave and dishwasher-safe.

BUY Minimalist Cat Planter: Looking for the perfect way to spice up your worktable? A cat planter can’t lead your far astray.

BUY Funny Cat Succulent Planter: Give your succulents a dose of humour. These resin animal-shaped planters let plants breathe through a hole in their bottom.

BUY Decorative Cat Vases: Hide your pens and paper clips – or show off your prize blooms – in these ceramic cat holders.

BUY Decorative Ceramic Cat Figurines: Have a space in need of a furry friend? Place these sleek figurines upon the spot.

BUY Cat Garden/Memorial Statue: Crafted in resin, this angelic kitty is worthy of a cat to remember. Place it indoors or outdoors to relish its memory.

BUY Cat Bookends: Made of polystone, these unique bookends play with black cats – and hold your books together.

BUY Cat Pencil Sharpener: Shock your clients, with this unconventional sharpener amidst your cat office décor.

BUY Cat Pen: Want to play it more PC? This cat pen in black or bright pink signs your deals in black ink.

BUY Cat Door Stopper: See a cat behind the door? These decorative doorstops are made of cast iron.

BUY Cat Door Knocker: Love gargoyles – and cats? These unique door knockers are an interesting hybrid.

BUY Cat Coir Doormat: Hand-stencilled with fade-resistant dyes, these funny door mats ensure your feet don’t slip on their sturdy coir.

BUY IT Cat-Shaped Cat House: A cat needs their own style of décor – and these cute plush kittens provide the open mouths to house them.

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