21+ Super Stylish Cat Houses, Furniture & Home Essentials For The Discerning Cat Lover


Need to bring some style and functionality to the life of your cat? These cat toys, beds, pods, and fixtures leave clunky, cheesy and cartoon-printed cat furniture in the dust. Made of materials that blend in with your décor – like Scandinavian light wood and white – these pieces of furniture enhance your surroundings, rather than detract from them. Cosy knitted beds and artful shelves leave spaces for your cat to climb and to scratch, without ruining your favourite sofa. Priced from the everyday to the aspirational, these smart and functional solutions to everything from cat scratchers to kitty litter offer a smarter way to keep your pet.

BUY IT Wall Mounted Cat Lounging Set: Tired of your cat climbing curtain rails? This cat lounging set affixes to your wall in muted hues, allowing your moggy to scratch, jump, sleep and hide along wall corners.

BUY IT Modern White Cat Shelf: Give your cat a boost with this cute cat shelf, designed to blend into your environment. Couch seats are freed up while your cat watches television from loftier heights.

BUY IT Cat Silhouette Cat Shelf: At a more affordable level, this set of three cat shelves mirrors your cat as they sleep. Watch and wait as they pounce on incoming mice, with a cute design to background them.

BUY IT Cat Shelf with Scratcher & Planter Nook: Need all cat comforts in one space? This innovative cat shelf offers a perch, scratcher, nesting place and handy planter nook for Scandinavian-inspired apartments.

BUY IT Multi-level Cat Hammock Lounger: Sometimes cats want a softer surface to lurk on. Using strewn, multi-levelled hammocks, your kitty can hang in calico while you dream of beaches and sunsets.

BUY IT Modular Tetris Style Cat Blocks: Lovers of Tetris can now include moggy in their pastimes. With so many shaped compartments, your cat can hide and play with gamer’s abandon.

BUY IT Cat Tree: Put your cat back in the wild with this multi-level cat tree, resplendent with jungle leaves and bamboo towers. Scratching, sitting and jumping are the mainstays of life in this urban jungle.

BUY IT Sapling Cat Tree: At a dreamier price tag, this cat tree is more indoor art piece than furniture. Sprouting a gorgeous sapling at its apex, any cat would be proud to call this structure home.

BUY IT Modern Cat Tree: An intermediate design solution lies in this IKEA-esque tree, minimalist in tone. Let your cat climb to great heights in a simple building block design that works with most interiors.

BUY IT Modern Wall Mounted Scratch Post: Cat-scratching can be the bane of your life, or an extended design feature. Affordable and clean, this simple-strip panel will ease worries at the familiar sound of clawing.

BUY IT Itch Cat Wall Scratcher: The impossible has happened: cat-clawed furniture has become art. Two wooden-framed panels hang at just the right height for your cat to claw with abandon.

BUY IT Premium Mid Century Modern Cat Scratcher: Go back to the 70’s with a cat scratcher reminiscent of a rocker’s amp. Clad in marmalade orange and framed in wood, store your trinkets on the top for a fascinating wall feature.

BUY IT Scratch Pad For The DJ Cat: Cat meowing may be musical, but not as clever as this scratch pad. Resembling a DJ’s kit, your cat can sharpen their claws and their disc-scratching with this humorous toy.

BUY IT Scratch Pad For The Keyboard Specialist Cat: For more classical cats, a scratch keyboard is just around the corner. Amusing and affordable, it is easily hidden under desks or beds.

BUY IT Modular Cat Scratcher: Need more functional cat furniture? At a surprisingly-possible price, this modular design bends up and over cupboards and stairs, testing out kitty’s climbing skills.

BUY IT Cat Exercise Wheel: On the other end of the IQ spectrum lies the exercise wheel. Shed off those cat biscuit kilos with a never-ending circle of exercise and fun.

BUY IT Cat Window Perch: High-maintenance cats can be catered for with a clip on and off perch. Able to attach to windows, your cat can remain king of the neighbourhood with a higher view.

BUY IT Window Pod For The Bird Watching Cat: Like bird-watching instead? Clad in silicone, this pod attaches to the window for a good view outside.

BUY IT Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed: For those colder nights, give moggy a radiator to snuggle up next to. Clipping on the side, it offers a comfy seat and nesting place for winter months.

BUY IT Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge: Make scratching stylish with this infinity-style cat scratcher lounge. Featuring compartments cats can just squeeze through, it provides unlimited itches to scratch.

BUY IT Stylish Cat Hammock: This cat hammock takes furry child ideas to the next level. Stylish, easy to fold away and with a bassinet feel, it’s a treat at a mere $40.

BUY IT Cat Hammock For Chairs: Keeping on top of your cat can be taken literally. This versatile cat hammock tucks underneath your chair for easy access.

BUY IT Canopy Cat Bed: Let your cat chill with a hooden canopy cat bed, perfect for subtly hiding under. In a plush suede material, it’s swish as well as snuggly.

BUY IT Chunky Woollen Cat Beds: Chunky knits need not restrict themselves to beanies and scarves. Pastel printed and oh-so-pretty, these beds convert to a place for sleeping or a kitschy floor decoration.

BUY IT Comfy Cat Cave: If you’ve ever imagined a cat hatching, this is the closest version to reality. This egg-like cat cave offers just enough room for a cat head to pop out, in an abstract, woollen design.

BUY IT Side Table Cat Bed: Tuck your cat away with this minimalist cat bed, easily slotted back into bedside drawers. A pricier item, it includes the full drawer table for bang for your buck.

BUY IT Modern Cat Pod: Another egg design, this silicone cat pod keeps moggy stylish in a functional exterior. Easy to clean and store away, the mould can be halved to save space.

BUY IT Cat Shell: An alternative take on the cat pod design, this shell gives a little more light to kitty’s body. Tucked away and easy to snooze in, it can blend with most bedroom furniture.

BUY IT Modern Cat House: For lovers of cats and retro, this old stereo design offers the best of both worlds. Bathed in light wood with a glimpse of white, a sleek circular design hides the cat and clutter.

BUY IT Mid Century Modern Cat House: A modern TV cat house offers a simple twist. Elevated for the height that moggies crave, this design is more bedside table than kitschy cat furniture.

BUY IT Elevated Mid Century Modern Cat Bed: Take your cat to Scandinavia with this minimalist cat bed. Heightened on three stool legs and laced with white rope, it offers both a place to hide and a place to view.

BUY IT Cat Ball Bed: Give your cat a human presence with a chair all its own – a ball bed. Manufactured in cane, your cat can sit with the family at afternoon tea.

BUY IT Shark Shaped Cat House: Cats love cardboard boxes – why not make the experience more exciting? This shark-shaped design is perfect for cats and ideal for photos.

BUY IT Cat Cave Bed With Removable Cushion: For a plusher surface, look to the fabric version. With a removable cushion and bright blue design, it attracts more attention and comfort.

BUY IT Cat Shaped Cat Caves: A cat within a cat is a sight to behold. These turquoise and mustard designs are a design feature within a practical solution.

BUY IT Cute Cat Caves: Cute cats are popular on Google for a reason. These adorable cat caves offer a haven for cats of all shapes and sizes – and are bespoke to boot.

BUY IT More Cat Themed Cat Caves: Cat heads match outcoming cat heads with these alternative pastel designs. Sitting flat on the bedroom or lounge floor, they introduce anime to a multitude of settings.

BUY IT Hidden Doorless Cat Litter Box: For the aspects better left unseen, hiding the litter box is a must. This creation lurks in the bathroom or laundry and fits in with white furniture.

BUY IT Premium Modern Cat Litter Box Cabinets: For those with a bigger budget, why not create art around litter? These custom-designed cabinets offer a place for knick-knacks and haven for cast in one fashionable item.

BUY IT Modkat Stylish Litter Box: Cats understand minimalism too. Looking like a laundry appliance, this box can hide litter and clutter in a compact package.

BUY IT Self Cleaning Litter Box: Is cleaning a bigger problem than the design itself? This self-cleaning litter box cleans itself up.

BUY IT Hidden Cat Litter Box: To keep the discreet discreet, this litter box is the perfect answer for a proper cat. Hidden underneath a plant, your cat can both soil and fertilise the soil.

BUY IT Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door: Tired of standard cat doors? Add character with this unique design, created in the shape of your cat.

BUY IT Microchip Pet Door: For added security, add a chip. This microchipped beauty makes little fuss in a squared-off design.

BUY IT Beautiful Cat Feed Bowl: A perfect present for cat lovers, this trio feeds moggy while keeping it beautiful. Bonus removable plates make them easy to clean.

BUY ITPremium Elevated Cat Feeder: For purrers too pretty to stoop, this elevated feeder makes life easier. Adorned with cute cut-out designs, a bottom apartment stores the leftovers.

BUY IT Petnet Smart Cat Feeder: Is your cat too fat? Stem the food flow with a smart cat feeder that dishes out the right amount.

BUY IT Petcube Interactive Camera With Built-In Laser: Hyperactive cats can be hard to entertain. Make it easy with a laser ball, easy to direct and clean up afterwards.


Pawbo Pet Wifi Camera & Treat Dispenser: Get close-ups of your cat with a laser toy, the lazier option in pet satisfaction. A treat dispenser adds incentive.


Outdoor Cat Condo: Embrace outdoor living with this two-storey cat condo. A cute ladder and room for many offer a haven for cats keen for play.

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