Rihanna fans are shocked to discover they have been pronouncing her name incorrectly


Rihanna fans were shocked to discover they had been mispronouncing the singer’s name after she introduced herself in a video for British Vogue.

The Umbrella hitmaker, 31, caused turmoil on Twitter when she spoke her name in a video posted by the publication from her Fenty pop-up store in Paris last Thursday.

In the clip, she said ‘Hello British Vogue, it’s Rihanna’ – pronouncing her name ‘Ree-Anna’ rather than ‘Ree-Ah-Na’, which is mostly the American pronounciation.

This greatly confused fans in the US, who commonly refer to the songstress by the second, and apparently incorrect, variation.

After viewing the divisive video, one Twitter user said: ‘So, we’ve been pronouncing Rihanna’s name wrong this whole time’.

Another said: ‘I love how we all collectively choose to pronounce Rihanna’s name wrong’.

‘I am so p***** at all of us for pronouncing Rihanna’s name wrong this entire time. I am so sorry queen @rihanna,’ said a third.

Others confirmed they already knew how to correctly say the Barbadian singer’s name, but still pronounce it ‘Ree-Ah-Na’.

One social media user said: ‘I know how to pronounce Rihanna’s name but I still say it incorrectly like 60 per cent of the time’.

Another added: ‘I’ve heard her pronounce Rihanna this way but I still like saying “Ri-Anne-Na” but that’s not fair to her.

Just like we been pronouncing Grande wrong, when it’s “Grand-ie” not “Grande”‘.

Some insisted that British and Australian fans have been pronouncing her name correctly all along – and even suggested the mispronunciation is why she moved to London.

‘See this is why she moved to the UK we’re the only ones that have been saying her name right’, one Twitter user said.

Rihanna – born Robyn Rihanna Fenty – revealed she had been living under the radar in London for the past year earlier this month.

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