Outrage as teacher forces student to drink urine

Still reeling over the Hijab controversy, the International School, University of Ibadan, UI, is embroiled in a new scandal.

According to a trending report, an Agricultural Science teacher of the school, Mrs J. Z Abu, was alleged to have forced a student of JSS 2c, to drink his urine. The student identified as Fayo was said to have sought permission from the teacher to go and urinate which the teacher refused about three times.

When the student could no longer hold himself, he was said to have urinated in a container in the class. When the teacher was informed by some students in the class, she ordered the student to drink the urine which he did when all his pleas fell on deaf ears.

This allegation, which is making the rounds on social media platforms, has led to outrage among parents of the school as well as the general public.

All efforts to speak with the school authorities proved abortive. However, a source revealed that the teacher has been queried and reported to the school’s Board of Governors for necessary action.

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