The hilarious way Prince Louis made Meghan Markle laugh at the polo – all the photos

Louis is the funniest!

He may only be 14 months old, but Prince Louis is already showing his cheeky personality. On Wednesday, the young royal enjoyed a day out with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and his older siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as his uncle and aunt the Sussexes and their baby son Archie. But it was auntie Meghan who Louis managed to get the most laughs out of – as these adorable photos show!

The little Prince was pictured reaching out to his mum Kate, but he wasn't after a cuddle. The royal rascal wanted to get his hands on his mum's sunglasses.
Photo: © Getty Images
Kate happily obliged and was pictured carefully putting them on her baby boy's head.
Photo: © Getty Images
Louis showed off his new look, much to Meghan's delight, while Kate giggled in the background.

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Photo: © Getty Images

Clearing loving his new accessory, Louis playfully stuck out his tongue.

Photo: © Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex, who looked gorgeous in olive green, enjoyed the little performance.

Photo: © Getty Images

Louis is quickly becoming one of our favourite tiny royals!

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