5 Healthy Foods That Won’t Bore Your Children


Tasty food is not always healthy for children. But they hardly understand what’s fit for them unless you step in. Pizzas and burgers are undoubtedly delicious, but they are not suitable for your child’s health. If he/she craves tasty food, you have a bunch of healthier alternatives. Some of the dishes you can pack for his/her lunch at school are:

1) Unorthodox fish and chips

A sandwich, including a couple of whole wheat bread, tuna, and fresh lettuce tastes incredible. Add a few baby carrots and a small cup of low-fat ranch dip. Don’t forget to give some whole-grain goldfish crackers. These will surely make your kid crave for more every day. It is a healthy lunch packed with essential proteins and vitamins. Most importantly, it tastes delicious.

2) Keto pizza chips

Want to make a fusion of chips and pizza as an afternoon snack for your children? Take some pepperoni slices and mix them with melted cheese. The low-carb pizza chips are not only tasty, but they are excellent for maintaining a healthy diet. Keto foods are ideal if you want a combination of nutrition and delicious meals for your kids. Alternatively, you can also include keto supplements along with their daily diet. Perfect keto supplement is the best product to start with for everyone. It maintains the benefits of a keto diet without having to cook an elaborate meal.

3) Fruits and eggs

Proteins and vitamins are two essential components that can keep your children healthy. You can include whole-grain waffles and a corn muffin. Children love muffins and waffles, and they would never say no to such meal options. In addition to these two, also add a few bell-pepper strips, blackberries, a couple of boiled eggs, and a sliced kiwi. It offers the perfect balance of proteins and vitamins for your children.

4) Pizza mania

If you can’t stop your child from having pizza, then follow this trick. Cut a leftover veggie pizza into a few pieces. Add some cucumber slices on it along with two tablespoons of hummus. This makes a delicious meal for children. You can also add a few purple grapes and a cup of popcorn. It is a simple meal that will keep his/her appetite full for a long time. Hummus and cucumber can restrict your child’s cravings to have additional pizza slices.

5) Power pita

Grilled chicken strips, boiled veggies, and a couple of whole wheat pita bread make an excellent sandwich. If your child doesn’t like boiled veggies, you can also grill them. Don’t forget to add a few sugar snap peas and a cup of low-fat yogurt along with strawberries. Even you can try this meal because it has the perfect balance of veggies and non-vegetarian items.

Many parents find it challenging to come up with new recipes that satisfy their children’s taste buds. If you are in the same group, follow these meal ideas. They are not only delicious but also very healthy for kids, especially the ones who love to grab a snack now and then.

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