6 Tactics Manipulators Use to Get Close to you, Control and confuse you


At some point in our lives, we must have come across someone or some other people who tried to use us to get what they wanted. If we have fallen victim to such people we will understand how terrible that feels. If we haven’t, then it’s one more thing to be grateful for. 

Manipulators, much like a narcissist, come into people’s lives, not to help them, but for the purpose of getting what they want. 

They use covert, sometimes danger tactics to get you to do their bidding, and you may not be aware of this until you have fulfilled their requests. 

Here are some of the tactics used by manipulators to sway people to do their bidding.

6 Tactics Manipulators Use to Get Close to you, Control and confuse you


When you find yourself in the company of a manipulator, you should know that they will do whatever it takes to get what they want, including replacing you or threatening you. 

Once they know you will not bend so easily to their demands, they resort to threats and intimidation to put fear in your mind just so you can do what they want.


Perhaps you have a role to play whether directly or indirectly, in them not getting what they wanted. Because of that, they play the victims, showing signs of being hurt, and will not hesitate to put the blame on you for the way they feel. 

The aim is for you to feel bad so that they will coerce you into doing what they wanted after all.


6 Tactics Manipulators Use to Get Close to you, Control and confuse you

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