6 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Interested in You [2019]


Many often, we search high and low for love, thinking heaven is against you because our efforts are not yielding. Then, bridges are burnt as you lock up unknowingly to you that the love you seeks does engage in conversations with you on a daily basis. Chai! The love itself is waiting for you to grab your copy. The four poles of earth has your carbon copy ever since, it’s just that you are not being observant. Why delaying and denying yourself of what belongs to you as it lies beside you? C’mon here are tips to know who is who even among the crowd.

However, putting into consideration that people’s admittance varies. Yes! People act and react differently to emotions. I have filtered the tested and trusted ways to tell if someone is genuinely interested in you regardless of the nature of that person. I think I just hear you say “Wow”.

This piece is a revelation to you……..

1. The Person Calls Your Name in a Way Different From Others.

Are you shocked to hear this? Don’t be shocked dear! It is what is – -trust me. Usually, there is this tone behind their voice as they call out your name either physically or via phone calls. And do you know what? You sometimes observe a goose bump if such person calls you, you just dint want to admit it. It is a fact that at the back of such person’s voice, there are many unsaid words.

Take note, Be observant, And be of good courage!

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