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Irene Nwachukwu jets out to Dubai (photos)

Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu who got famous after dragging former police boss' son, Jamil Abubakar to the internet  for allegedly impregnating her and abandoning her is at the moment in Dubai. Irene who months ago started a cream business to be able to feed she and herself has found away to Dubai. Only few weeks ago, she talked about how she has been struggling to save atleast N1m to expand her business but it has been impossible. She revealed this, when she won Jarume empire's N1m for upcoming entrepreneurs. But we are happy some cash found her and Irene is taking the very necessary off she needs. On July 26th when she won the prize, she wrote;

''Omg 😮 i still cannot believe this! Waking up to 1million naira credit alert!!!!! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙊Women like this actually exists?❤️ #womenempoweringwomen
I’m more than grateful..infact I’m short of words🙊 one million naira from a woman,not just any woman a great one! Pls guys help me say thank you to her🙏🏻

''Lately I’ve been planning on taking my business to the next level and have been working towards it, saving up and not wanting to ask anyone for financial support . Little did i know that God had a better plan for me😢this will go a long way and in the nearest future I’ll never be able to write my success story without including @jaruma_empire ♥️♥️♥️

''I pray from the deepest part of my heart that God almighty will continue to bless you,may you walk and never stumble. All that you touch shall be will never know sadness! You will never lack, blessings on blessings on blessings is all you will see🙏🏻
I have never met @jaruma_empire in person but the love she has shown me right from when i was shattered and at my lowest point,has been amazing🥰♥️ I must indeed be so blessed and lucky.
Your personality is just as pleasant as your voice is♥️ Thank you again mami🥰 I’m humbled and grateful🙏🏻''
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