19 Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean

At one point or another, we may have come in contact with someone who thinks only of themselves, and who wastes no time in manipulating others to get what they want. Narcissists take great pleasure in putting others down just for their own sadistic pleasures, and what’s worse, they enjoy doing so. 

Narcissists can say one things and really mean something else entirely, but its up to you to read meaning into whatever it is they are saying and get the hidden message. Here are 19 things a narcissist will say to you and what they really mean.


When a narcissist says you are crazy or insane, what they actually mean is that they enjoy driving you nuts and watching you react to it. It simply means they enjoy pushing you over the edge and watching you battle with your anger. That way, no one gets to listen to you because everyone thinks you are an angry and bitter person.


Meaning: Bottom line, I love the fact that I control you. Hearing the words “I love you” from a narcissist is tricky. What they actually mean is that they love the fact that they can manipulate you. They love the fact that they own you. They love the fact that they can use you and get rid of you quite easily. And what makes it more painful is that you trust them and open up to them.


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