6 New Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You

6 New Signs Someone Is Thinking Of YouThe signs discussed below allow you to know when someone’s energy is flowing towards you in either way (good or bad), you are the one to know which is which because you are the one with the thoughts and feelings.

Anyways, be careful of what you think and feel, do not create a feeling out from where there is no feeling. Do not beguile yourself, know when it really happens and acknowledge it when happens.

At times, we are obsessed with our thoughts, we are constantly being reminded of the love or hatred we have for someone when we feel these things, but always try to screen yourself first and see if the negativity or positivity that comes with that feeling is not self-created.

You would get to know your secret lover, that particular person who is thinking of you as you read and digest this!

6 New Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You

Here are the signs:

1. Have you ever called out a name you were not intending to pronounce?

Many at times, you want to call out someone’s name and you eventually end up calling out someone else. This may be a sign that someone misses you, and of a sudden you find yourself thinking about that person in particular and different emotions start running in tour vein- be it resentment or smiles. This is a sign someone’s thoughts are with you and your thoughts are with someone else at a particular time.

No wonder, you receive a phone call from someone you are about calling.

2. As You Are Moving, You Thought You Are Seeing A Friend

Has this occur to you that you are seeing a close friend through someone, even though you know this is not the person. It sometimes happen that you see someone else through another person which is serving as a medium of meeting a friend in a given time. If this happens, then someone somewhere is itching to hear from you or to meet you. That friend you see in another person going about his or her way can’t wait to hear your voice, and you the message is being passed to you somehow.
6 New Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You

3. Goosebumps

This confirms you are having emotional thoughts of someone. And this could be if that person is thinking about you in such moment. Maybe an arrangement has been made between you and the person about your hang-out coming next weekend, and the thoughts of how you would say your greetings to the person, what you would tell and ask the person are already running on your mind. In such a given moment, that person is also thinking about you.

4. When Feeling Physical Contact

It is real that while with the thoughts of someone, we tend to feel their body contact physically, yet imaginatively. It is a telepathic touch that comes with intense thinking. If you feel this, there is every chance that such person has that exact feeling for you at that particular time.

5. Dreaming About A Person

When you dream of someone expressing his or her emotions or thoughts to you in a dream, the person is taking his or her time to think of you as well. Infact their thoughts have become so intense and penetrating to get into the deeper realm of your desires and fears.

6. When A Distant Person Gives You Thoughts

This is another way of knowing when someone is thinking of you. Thinking of them provides you inspirations and thoughts to go about doing your things. It is an out of ordinary connection that happens on the spur of the moment. It is not planned a forehand. This means the person where you draw your inspirations or thoughts from is connecting with you in an intimate matter- heart to heart.

6 SIGNS SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU is written by Ola Moses
6 New Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You

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