8 NEW SIGNS YOU ARE AN OLD SOULHave you seen the word ‘Reincarnation’ before? What can you say about it? Do you believe in it?

REINCARNATION simply means a Rebirth. Yes humans can be reincarnated. Some have a past life that synchronizes seldomly with the new life they are living now. It’s just that they don’t pay attention to themselves to know that they have once lived before.

So, what is an Old soul? A reincarnated soul is an old soul.

Why the rebirth then (why does old soul come back again)?

  1. S-He might have a job s-he was unable to complete in the past life, so s-he comes again to see its completion.
  2. S-He might want to get detached from something in this realm that got attached to him or her in the past life.

So, are you an old soul? How would you know to answer this correctly? 

Below are the 8 signs that confirm you are one of the old souls if you have 4 or more of the signs listed below.

8 NEW SIGNS YOU ARE AN OLD SOUL1. Wiser Beyond Your Age

As a young child you are, childish things do not interest you. You behave more and talk like an adult, you delight in taking on conversations beyond your age.

Older people are your type, you relate better with them, and they are easily attracted to you. They love being around you as well.

2. Reality Feels Like A Dream Sometimes

Feeling like you are repeating your way of life sometimes is a trait of an old soul. A weird feeling that you have crossed a path, what you see is not real, whereas it is real.

You consciously know that something lies ahead of this physical realm and material world, though you can’t really place it because you can’t exceed this realm right now.

3. You Give Tips From Your Old Life To Help People

People seek your advice, and you always provide a good counsel for them, because what they are battling with is what you’ve lived in your old life. Your mode of thinking is different because you are more close to Earth and your heart. You don’t think like others

4. Spiritual Processes Fascinate You

Have you ever find yourself reciting some spiritual verses unconsciously? Do you feel refreshed when any diabolical, spiritual processes take place around you? An old soul is born with greater thirst for greater knowledge that comes with spirituality and witchcraft.

5. You Are Not Moved By New Happenings

You still have this ‘old skull’ bloodline inside you, you don’t follow trends and are reserved. Whatever happens in this new life is just a repeat of your old life- you see them as being recycled. So you are never carried away with trends.

6. You Don’t Judge Or Accuse People

This is possible for Old souls because they see people in new life only repeating the mistakes they (the Old souls) have done in past lives, so they understand people in new life better and would never judge them because they know they were once victims of such circumstances. 8 NEW SIGNS YOU ARE AN OLD SOUL

7. You Have Face and Inheritance In Capricorn.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is the God of Old Time. People that have relations with this zodiac sign has Saturn bestows wisdom on them, wisdom that is really beyond this age (world).

8. Revenant Dreams

The dreams of this type provide you flash which reminds you of what you have to do. Have you continually been stalked with dreams of places you have never visited before? The dream would be like you are living it right at that moment.

Take note of the flash(es) and write them down, you will need them later.

8 SIGNS YOU ARE AN OLD SOUL is written by Ola Moses


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