Disturbing photos! Baby girl is born with four legs and three hands in 'triplets birth'

An Indian woman has given birth to a daughter with four legs and three hands after she became conjoined to another baby in the womb.

Raju, 24, naturally delivered twins, a boy and a girl, at a hospital in Tonk in Rajasthan on Friday.

While the boy was born healthy, the girl had with an extra set of legs and another hand covering her entire chest and abdomen.

Doctors believe Raju could have been carrying triplets, but one of the baby's joined to the little girl.

Dr Rohitesh Meena, the surgeon who delivered the babies, said: 'Raju gave birth naturally to the twins at around 2:46 am.

'The male child is normal but the female is a case of conjoined twins. She had minor breathing issue. We put her on oxygen support and her vitals are stable now.

'We will refer her to an advanced hospital in Jaipur for further treatment and paediatric surgery. The mother and the male child are stable.'

Raju and her husband, Badhulal Gurjar, a daily wage labour were expecting their first child.

The illiterate parents had not gone for an ultrasound and were unaware that they were expecting twins.

Doctors believe the youngster's extra limbs could be removed though surgery.

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