How To Sit With the Queen, Footballers, Other Celebrities Moving From Mediocrity To Magnificent


 How To Sit With the Queen, Footballers, Other Celebrities Moving From Mediocrity To Magnificent

Have you ever been to Grammy Award Night Ceremony? Have you been nominated for an award or awards? If yes, how was the experience? If no, do you plan been there someday?

I know of a place where leaders meet; one of them is Grammy Award Night Ceremony- – it is a place where nominees sit, it is a place where the best of the bests is celebrated. Do you know what it takes the nominees before they are nominated? Have you ever thought of that goosebump of being a nominee, not to talk of taking home the trophy? Do you want to be there eventually? Have you ever thought about how your children, family, friends and enemies will feel when you take home the trophy? Do you want to become an international success? Is it not one of your dreams to be celebrated?

Champions and Leaders meet, sit, interact together in Grammy Award Night ceremony, it is not a night party I am talking about here. It is a place and moment where hardwork is recognized and rewarded.

Yes, you are not a football fan but you must have heard about Messi and Ronaldo. You are not a lover of sport, but you know Ronaldo and Messi to be footballers. How come? –I think you know the answer.

Talent and Others is the secret

Welcome to the age where talent is never enough, your talent must take in doses of some things to be able to achieve your dream. Many times, it is not that celebrities don’t suffer misfortunes or have more luck on their sides, but they would never give up. Messi as a great footballer suffers injuries, but he would always come back stronger. Tiger Woods- a phenomenon in golf world went exile in success world for many years, but he would keep on fighting and eventually come back stronger. Many setbacks (maritally, financially, socially, spiritually) but many things keep them going.

What guarantees your celebration and your name to eventually be in the hall of fame is beyond Talent, I will tell and share with you what makes those world stars going even when the cloud is black. It works and I have been practicing it myself, so I can say don’t be shocked if you see or meet me in Grammy Award Night Ceremony very soon.

I will take the writings of John C. Maxwell as guides to follow here, as I list below what you need to receive Grammy Award Trophy

1. Belief; lifts your talent 2. Passion; energizes what you have within you 3. Initiative; activates talent 4. Focus; directs talent 5. Preparation; positions talent 6. Practice; sharpens talent 7. Perseverance; sustains talent 8. Courage; tests talent 9. Teachability; expands talent 10. Character; protects talent 11. Relationships; influence talent 12. Responsibility; strengthens talent 13. Teamwork; multiplies talent

Check any celebrities around you that have been maintaining stardom for many years that lack any of the 13 nuggets listed above. Those 13 tips are what made them, if you can manifest those guides, you are made for life. Belief, Passion, Initiative, …………………………… Teamwork are the things that keep them going till date. If you can take these doses of success, then congratulations to you.

Stardom is within your reach, but there is a sacrifice to pay. If you really want it, then it will be yours.

Are you an entrepreneur? Artist/Artiste? Business man and woman? Writer? Teacher? Stuntman? Just name it, believe me when I tell you the listed nuggets above will help you reach and maintain that level of success you long for.

Have the best life! I hope to see and meet you in Award Ceremony very soon.

Best of lucks!

HOW TO SIT WITH RONALDO, MESSI AND OTHER CELEBRITIES; Moving From Mediocrity To Magnificient is written by Ola Moses

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