The Most Real And The Most Fake Signs Of The Zodiac Ranked

Various personalities exist in the world we live in today. And each of these numerous personalities belongs to at least one zodiac sign. Interesting though, is the fact that some personalities are simply not what they seem to be. Amongst the 12 zodiac signs we know, there are some signs that are considered real, and there are some that are seen as fake, probably because of their tendency to hide their true nature or how they react to people and situations.

Below are some of the zodiac signs in no particular order that are considered real and some that are seen as fake.



If you are born under the Cancer sign, then you are a very real person. Cancers are very emotional people, and they do not hide their emotions or hold anything back. Cancers waste no time in telling you how they feel about something or about you.
The Most Real And The Most Fake Signs Of The Zodiac Ranked


Virgos are well known as one of the most logical, organized and honest signs, and people born to this sign certainly portray such characteristics. 
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For Virgos, if they feel something should be in a way, they would not hesitate to set you straight and will not hold back. People born to this sign tend to give their honest opinion in matters and would not care who gets hurt in the process.


The Most Real And The Most Fake Signs Of The Zodiac Ranked

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