What You See First In This Image Can Tell A Lot About Your Hidden Inner Self

Different people, different perspectives- this is natural, this is how we are made.
However, our perspectives determines our choices in all facets of life, they are the choices we made voluntarily.

This picture test is to reveal and tell us the first thing you could see on looking at it, obviously what you see first will be different from what others see first. Regardless, of what you see first- you are right.
So, be relaxed and enjoy the sight!

What did you see first?

Is It A Tree?

You will not dig down to acquire information, you tend to only dwell on surfaces. You always go with the first meaning you give thing, you hardly have second thoughts. Everything about you is ‘on the spur of the moment’. You don’t give people a second chance, you goes easily with anything that comes your way. However, it is a good quality as it can savages situations when decisions are to be made quickly since you don’t like taking too much time.
You see fast, you talk fast thus, people hear your voice more often as a brave leader or guardian. You wouldn’t hold on to things forever though.

Is It A Gorilla?

You have patience in abundance, you sieve any information that comes your way. You enjoy taking time to know which is really which, you tends to know better than the rest. You are not easily satisfied because you have rich and quality standard, you hold on to things for quite a long time.  However, you love to speak last, and usually attack those who have spoken before you. Yes, you are smart but you can be so pompous and only choose to appreciate your own efforts. You always think you are better than others.


Is It A Fish?

These are people who would rather be behind-the scene, their hands are not seen but their productions are seen. They are easily satisfied, they like laying-low; they don’t want to be in the light, it is fine if a team member takes their praise. People love them and love working with them, how they wish others think as they do? They are selfless and dedicated, they value everything that come their ways- success or people.

Is It A Lion?

These are people who performed at their first instincts; the instinct is the gut they rely on. Their motto is ‘no retreat, no surrender’ regardless of what it will take them, even if it causes them pain. They do not have the intention to hurt people, but unconsciously they hurt people. They will do things in their ways according to the instincts that have dawned on them, their belief is every one like what they like, not knowing that some people are governed by rules and limits, unlike them that have no limits and are governed  by instincts. They are rule breakers. Nevertheless, it is  a good quality that helps to occupy territories and positions, but they should learn how to view things in other’s people perspectives.



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