Which Of The Boys Would You Love To Have In Your Team - The Guy You Choose Will Say Something About Your Personality

Humans are known by their judgments’; your thoughts and opinions mirror who you are.
We ought to know ourselves more; hence, we are to participate in this easy test.
All you have to do is to choose the one whom you love to be a part of your team if you are to make such call.

The Guy You Choose Will Say Something About Your Personality
So, which is your take? Just try to be true to yourself.

Guy Number 1:

If your take is number 1, you are likely to be suffering from low self esteem, or you love wallowing in self- pity. You don’t know how to struggle or compete in life. You seems to nurture the thought that everyone is against you OR is it that you are an easy going person who loves to see peace reigning? Better still, it could be you care less of what people do to you.

Guy Number 2:

You are a slayer who always want to prove yourself per time if your option is number 2. You care less about what you do to others and you don’t give a damn even if you are hurt in the process. Possibly, someone must have accused you once or twice calling to your attention how your actions were degrading him or her, yet you didn’t give a damn. Your attitude is I DON’T CARE- -not because people have offended you but it has been a way you express your thoughts. That is just who you are. Muscling your strength to the weaker ones, your judgement is instant.

Guy Number 3:

Well, if your option is number 3, you always calculate well. You know and abide in your strengths and weaknesses; you know who to strike and when to strike. You will do nothing that will rob you of your safety. You would not strike a foe immediately; you will look for the best time to do so without you being affected whatsoever.

Guy Number 4

If your take is umber 4, you are a traitor who delights in stabbing people at their backs and move on to achieve what could have been a collective glory. You can cut ties with people at the slightest moment. You can sideline and re-sideline people, you secretly wish to be in your world by any means. You wouldn’t like to share your things.

Guy You Choose Will Say Something About Your Personality
is written by Ola Moses

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