6 New Beginner’s Powerful Ancient Practices For Pineal Gland Activation


6 New Beginner’s Powerful Ancient Practices For Pineal Gland ActivationPineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the brain; situated beneath the back part of the corpus callosum; secretes melatonin, serotonin and neuron transmitters that encourage sleep wake cycles and sexual development.

Pineal gland is a third eye that governs man’s intuition, insight, perception of what is physical and subconscious.

Pineal gland is known as “the nucleus of soul”, where brain perform its spiritual exercise.

Many Things Pineal Gland Activation Would Do To/For You:

  • Sharpness of Mind
  • Brightness of Mind
  • Better Chance To Achieve Goals
  • Ability To Think With Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Good Decisions Making
  • Sensitivity To Happenings- (Either Around/In You)
  • Sensitivity To Would-be Happenings- (Either Around/In You)
  • Less Worry

Below Are The 6 Founding Practices To Activate Your Pineal Gland: 6 New Beginner’s Powerful Ancient Practices For Pineal Gland Activation


This is another ancient practice for pineal gland activation helps you to have a sense of clarity, attached with wisdom and knowledge.

Things You Need For Gyan Mudra Practice: Right and Left Hands

How To Do Gyan Mudra:

1. Touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger, keeping the other fingers straight but relaxed

2. Engage both hands in Operation 1 respectively for as long as you like to have it.


This ancient practice for pineal gland activation has its magic in energy coming from the sun. This energy moves through the eyes and charges the hypothalamus tract. Sun Gazing as an old time practice increases your energy levels, opens the energy outflows in your body, reduces your tension, boosts production of melatonin and serotonin.

Things You Need For Sun Gazing Practice: Sun

How To Do Sun Gazing:

1. Sit in a comfortable position and look directly at the sun for 10 seconds. (As times go on, try to build up to 30 minutes per day looking at the sun)

2. Envision the light going into the front of your third eye

If the sun shines too brightly, raise your hands and form a triangle (hold it up against the sun), on days when there are clouds, look at the position where the sun is behind the clouds

However, DO NOT GAZE AT THE SUN THROUGH GLASSES, WINDOWS, OR LENSES: This practice should never lasts an hour of sunrise or/and sunset.


6 New Beginner’s Powerful Ancient Practices For Pineal Gland Activation

This is one of the ancient practices for pineal gland activation: It helps evolves and revolves to find and endure calmness in things around and within you. It provides anchor needed to maintain stability and balance in rush-hour.

Yoga practitioners are well versed with this skill when meditating.

Things You Need For Trataka Meditation: Candle, Dark room, Your Mind

How To Do Trataka Meditation:

1. Go for a dark room; to aid your meditation and helps you to concentrate on your lit candle.

2. Position your candle 12-24 inches away from your eyes

3. Light the candle

4. Sit down in a cross-legged position.

5. Shy away from every thought: clear any thoughts as you take slow & deep breaths.

6. Focus on the flame of the candle ONLY.

7. Maintain Operation 6 for a long time

As you do operation 1-7 above, thoughts would travel in, welcome them AND let them go, if there is any urge to close your eyes- please do. You will tear (don’t be afraid if you experience this, it only means you are getting trataka meditation right).

However, DO NOT PRACTISE TRATAKA MEDITATION IF: you have epilepsy, glaucoma, astigmatism or any eye disorder.


6 New Beginner’s Powerful Ancient Practices For Pineal Gland Activation Some oils can help you activate your chakra (third eye), the most common oils are listed below:

1. Frankincense

2. Juniper

3. Cypress

4. Vetiver

5. Rosemary

6. Marjoram

7. Bay Laurel

8. Angelical Root

9. Patchouli

10. Helichrysum

11. Clara sage

12. Sandalwood


This gives you a mental image that is similar to visual perception. You employ your mind to see set-goals using physical and mental effects.

Things You Need For Visualization Practice: Your Mind

How To Do Visualization Practice:

1. Be in a comfortable position to relax your body.

2. When body relaxation takes place, envision feeling lighter and lighter with breathing –in.

3. Allow tension to go with your breaths coming out.

4. Focus your attention to chakra (the third eye).

5. Visualize your head to be surrounded with violet light or indigo.

6. Imagine your chakra as a shining area in the centre of the head.

7. Visualize a bright light from your third eye; let it bright so well that you can feel its heat on your forehead.

6 New Beginner’s Powerful Ancient Practices For Pineal Gland Activation


Solitude makes you to be in purdah (a place of isolation) where you become receptive and silent. Solitary awards you answers to puzzles of your life time; your energy is restored and refreshed.


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