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7 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

 7 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life
In life, one of many things that are common is meeting new people.
You meet people that promise you good tomorrow, you have the chance to meet people that promise you bad tomorrow. At the end of all, you meet people that evoke good memories of moments you never know they had happened.
I tell it to you, there is a PAST life just as there is a PRESENT and FUTURE life. Someone have been with us in our past lives (bosses, parent, children, lovers). I hope to bring more clarity on this in my many articles that will be loaded soon.
However, you have to enjoy this first.

Here Are The 7 Signs That You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life:
7 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

1. There Is A Spark

It does not matter how or where you encounter them, there is a vibration in you that demands for your attention, at that moment you feel you are stepping out of this world into another world, here you forgot your blues and all what you need is That Person,

Anticipation will take over you; you anticipate for what they are saying next, you anticipate for their next facial expressions and guess what your anticipations would be correct.

2. Telepathic Sense Is Activated When You Meet Them

Your telepathic skills appeared to function best when you are with them. You communicate without apparent physical signals. You are a normal individual when you are alone or with other people, but you become paranormal when you are with them- you are beyond normal sensory channels. With them, you might not need words to communicate, you both are still passing information across to each other, and both parties understand well what another party is communicating.
7 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

3. You Shared Many Things In Common

Your likes could be his or her likes, s-he has been to many of your now favorites places also; you come to know about this as you are conversing with one another. There is usually a feeling that you both have been somewhere together before peradventure you both choose to go some places.

You may often recall a particular seat space s-he do sat in past life, this memory would come so real and sometimes you would believe you are only dreaming because you had just met this person.

4. You Feel Spiritually Connected

You just flow together in an unexplainable way; you know it and the person know it as well. How this happen, no one has word to describe it. You can express yourself in a more comfortable way, you feel bonded spiritually, mentally, physically. Your connection with the person is so deep. They listen well to you, with only them you feel secured to tell your insecurities, pains, secrets….your good times and bad times events that took place.

You will not dare to be away from the person’s presence, you feel this closeness within you.

5. You Feel Flawless When You Meet Them

7 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life
Everyone has one flaw or the other, but you see yourself as the perfect being you’d dream of when you meet this person. They make this happen for you: they accept your imperfections and always magnify the good part of you.

With them, you can only say life is beautiful, there is this locked realm(s) in you, but this realm is unlocked when you are with them, then you are lighted, your burdens are lifted, you feel refreshed. Since the realm is unlocked, there is an intake and inflow of energy and inspirations you experience when you are with them.

6. You Feel A Goose bump When You Meet Them

When you see them, your emotional sense stirs up. It is like a wandered lover you have secretly been itching for to meet and you would never let them go again. Your emotions got relaxed and feel life, more than ever before.
7 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

7. No Time Keeping When You Are With Them

No amount of time spent with them you will see as a waste, you are not even time-conscious when you are with them. If possible, you will pause the time forever to always live in such moment with them.

Time (morning, afternoon, night) can not hinder you to be in their presence whatsoever.

7 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life
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