AFRICAN ASTROLOGY- The Most Enriching And Captivating One


AFRICAN ASTROLOGY- The Most Enriching And Captivating OneDo you know that African Astrology is related and connected with African civilizations? Historically, it was Africans who invented names for planets through the study of astrology. The root of African technique astrology is Geomancy. It is through Geomancy that a 12 figure image which are highlighted below were created.

Just as in the case of Astrology with 12 divisions, so we have 12 African astrology that is borne out of bones.

Read, Learn And know better. Finally, know where your shift gear is.

1. The FATHER (Baobob Tree):

January 4th-February 3rd

Baobob Tree is a tree that people revere; it symbolizes honesty in utmost capacity. Likewise, people born under this revered tree oozes honesty. They would only do to you what they expect you do to them, so they are thoughtful of their actions. They know when opportunities lurk around and would almost immediately launch their net into the deep sea of opportunities that waylay them. It’s not a coincidence they are successful

AFRICAN ASTROLOGY- The Most Enriching And Captivating One

2. The MOTHER (Wealth Of Amber & Silver):

February 4th- March 5th

People affiliated with this soar above temptation, they are rich in intellect and creative like no other. The drive to be successful is always there for them, which mostly they make good use of it.


March 6th-April 4th

People of this very sign are welcoming and often show great level of hospitability. They are kind in words and actions in which many people revere them for this. They are calm, selfless and warm. No wonder, people confide in them as they become great success in no time.

4. SON (Small Services To The Community)

April 5th-May 4th

They are lovers of community, and people in community know them too well. People of this sign are famous and are awarded some entitlements. Even if they don’t have enough, they are still rich in people that love and know them well- this has helped and still helping them to overcome crises in many times.

AFRICAN ASTROLOGY- The Most Enriching And Captivating One

5. DAUGHTER (The Market)

May 5th- June 4th

Peace and its opposite await people of this sign, they are benevolent in nature despite they can put on drama. They are strong and won’t sit down all day crying. They are durable.

6. UNCLE (The Ancestor)

June 5th-July 4th

The word ‘Ancestor’ means founding fathers and mothers and is related to leader. So people under tis sign make good leaders. They provide guiding principles and govern well.

7. WITCH (The Judge)

July 5th-August 4th

A judge is someone that makes decisions, and deliver judgement and safety for the prosecuted in its circumstances. So people of this sign have the true reflection of life and its meaning. You can’t manipulate them or they just wish to put on drama with you. They have friends and they have a serene part of life they never show to the world.

8. LIONS (The Kola Nut)

August 5th-September 3rd

They are energetic and do perceive things that are not present to the senses- this is a virtue on its own. They are exciting and always try to make everything they come across exciting.

However, they suffer from lack of stability.

AFRICAN ASTROLOGY- The Most Enriching And Captivating One

9. ANTELOPE (The Traveler)

September 4th-October 3rd

People of this sign are sensitive, and at the same time become over sensitive. They have complex nature and people around then seems not to understand them, thus misjudge them.

10. WISE ONE (The Distance)

October 4th- November 3rd

They are moved and led by intuitions which births creativity. People of this sign are borne out of strength, creativity and agility. Full of enthusiasm to get many things done. And they do achieve many great exploits.

11. AUNT (The Child Of The World)

November 4th- December 3rd

People of this sign appear feeble in words and actions, but they are really strong. They soar above depression; I still don’t know why things don’t really get to them. Their nature comes with goodwill and their environment is always peaceful.

12. ABUNDANCE (The Harvest And The Granary)

December 4th-January 3rd

People of this sign are so active, a boost is activated in them that keeps them moving. Solitary is one of the essential power they posses.

AFRICAN ASTROLOGY- The Most Enriching And Captivating One

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