All the times Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and others have bent the rules

Some of these might surprise you!

One of the expectations of the royal style is a myriad of rules of dos and don'ts. Today, we bring you 5 occasions in which the rules were ignored by members of the royal family, even the Queen!

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1. Prince Charles
As polite as they may be with members of the public, royals are not supposed to sign autographs to avoid the risk of forgery. However, after the Cornwall floods in 2010, Prince Charles signed a "Charles 2010" autograph on a sheet of paper for a victim.

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2. Princess Diana
Royal engagement rings are supposed to be crafted specially for the occasion. Despite this rule, Princess Diana chose her 18-carat white gold engagement ring herself from a Gerrard catalogue. This move reportedly upset the royal family then.

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3. Prince William
Being tactile in public appearances is unexpected of royals. Yet Prince William defied the rule to hug Chewbacca of Star Wars during a tour of the film set in 2016. The Duke is a big fan of Star Wars.

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4. Kate Middleton
Members of the public also should not be tactile with royals. However, at an NBA basketball game in 2014, NBA star LeBron James broke this protocol by putting an arm around the Duchess in a photograph. Prince William was also in the photograph.

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5. The Queen
As you already know, royals don't sign autographs. The Queen herself didn't mind this protocol when in 1998 she signed a football for a young Manchester United fan. Her Majesty was on a visit to Malaysia then.

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