Which Halloween God Or Goddess Are You? Pick A Symbol to Find Your Answer For 2019

Halloween is forever associated with the Realm of Dead; it is a magical time for Witches of all types. The Veil loses its distinctness and we have access to go beyond to receive rare and valuable wisdom and real dark magical powers.

I tell you, Death is an entrance to another new life. Moon will go, Sun will come…..Sun will go, Moon will go. It has been like this since the creation of this world, and so is applicable to Life and Death.

Which Of The Symbols Attracts You Most? Choose below

The symbols are representatives of diverse deities related to Death, Reincarnatin, and the Realm of the Dead. Take this exercise as fun and know whose you are.

#SYMBOL 1 says you are Anubis

You just picked the Sceptre of Anubis, he is the one that keeps the gate of the Realm of the Dead, he defines whether a soul is clean or not, he get rid of all problems.

Picking 1 means you see death as a door that leads to another life, since you carry the gene of Anubis, you can use it to get rid of blocked paths in life. You tend to be fair in your judgment and decisions.

Which Halloween God Or Goddess Are You? Pick A Symbol to Find Your Answer For 2019

#SYMBOL 2 says you are Demeter - Ceres

You just picked the symbol of Harvest; the Harvest is an unavoidable part people call life. She has a girl child called Peresphone. Demeter- Ceres is known as goddess of fertility and in affinity with death.

Picking 2 makes you to be so conscious and afraid of afterlife, though you don’t believe in it. But you will find yourself making peace with life. Often, you reflect on your past days and years and always try to make amends in te next opportunity or chance.

#SYMBOL 3 says you are Anubis

You just picked the Bident; it is similar to the Trident. Bident is a weapon of Hades (the God of the Underworld). Hades is one of the three powerful rulers that picked the three kingdoms of this world (the other two are Zeus and Poseidon respectively), the name of the kingdom Hades picked is called the Kingdom of Death. Hence, he is the ruler of the Realm of Dead. Hades is known to be rich and full of wisdom, he is attractive and really a powerful ruler. Hades is the Lord of this realm.

Picking 3 means you are not scared of Death, you see Death as an attractive and rich realm which you have affinity with. You are being guided or mentored by spirits subconsciously or psychical. You really know Death is not the end of all, but still not sure what will be after death.

#SYMBOL 4 says you are The Morrigan

You just picked Perthro, the Rune which breathes ruins, and risks. In the book Samhain Gods and Goddesses, the Morrigan is a warrior goddess in affinity with death, she’s is usually symbolized by a trio of ravens- no one else who to leave the battlefield alive or otherwise but the Morrigan. A sacred feminine sexuality, mysteries of death.

Picking 4 makes you a divine warrior on earth in similitude of the Morrigan, that discovers truth. Life becomes an endless adventure to you- it has no end, so you have new cause all day to live and fight for.
Which Halloween God Or Goddess Are You? Pick A Symbol to Find Your Answer For 2019

#SYMBOL 5 says you are Yama

You just picked Danda which come as the wooden weapon of Yama. A true Halloween God you can say of him. He is violent but with a good sense of justice, he makes sure every soul is purified of their sins by its suffering. This is his way of collecting darkness from a soul for realms of light.

Picking 5 gives you the feeling of atoning for your committed sins, but you need to really understand what Yama is saying in you, he just doesn’t want you to repeat sins or commit new ones, this is why you feel that way. Be born anew in each moment.

Which Halloween God Or Goddess Are You? Pick A Symbol to Find Your Answer For 2019

#SYMBOL 6 says you are Freya

You just picked Beorc, it is a tree associated with Freya (that has in her: productivity and surplus). Freya is a female patron of Witches and Divination, also a warrior. Half of the man that lost his soul in a battle would go to Freya in Folkvangr (Please Read Gods of Samhain to ascertain this).

Picking 6 makes you a believer of the Realm of Death, where your soul will go freely with elves, dwarves, and many other enlightened beings. You like communicating with the spirits of the Dead, death impresses and fascinates you.

Which Halloween God Or Goddess Are You? Pick A Symbol to Find Your Answer For 2019

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