If A Guy Does These 5 Things, HE WANTS YOU TO CHASE HIM

If A Guy Does These 5 Things, HE WANTS YOU TO CHASE HIM

1. He Touches You Emotionally, Then Disappear.

A guy that wants you to chase after him reaches your emotions; he will cause you to have a soft spot for him, then he fades away. He has done things and has convinced you already that he loves you and by now you already have a goose-bump for him as a lady, but after this, he goes off maybe because he thinks you are offended in putting to your face via his actions how much he loves you, he fears you don’t have such feeling towards him. So to avoid further self-blaming, he has chosen to stand aloof.
If A Guy Does These 5 Things, HE WANTS YOU TO CHASE HIM

Also, it could be he does that intentionally to have you after him since you are intoxicated with him now.
If A Guy Does These 5 Things, HE WANTS YOU TO CHASE HIM

2. He Is Jealous About You Despite Not Showing Interest.

Many times, you are not sure of his feeling- you have mixed feelings about him. He seems not to be interested in you, but seeing you with other guys change his facial look as you have observed. Peradventure with the signals he has been sending to you, you anticipate and can predict what he would say when you he say to you “we have something to talk about’, but you will be disappointed sitting with him and hearing him giving you cock and bull speeches; bringing up a trivial matter.

3. He Says It And He Does Not Act It.

He has walked up to you and asked about your relationship status, next time he asks about your toasters, while discussing with him, he made sure he told you he is single and searching, infact he has sometimes told you that you are his type, yet he never goes beyond his words and doesn’t bother to make amorous advances in a bold way. It is obvious he wants you and had love you both to be together if a man does this, but he wants you to come for him, it could be he is timid and fear he would be asking much from you if he asks you to be his.

4. He Hides At The Back Of Your Friend’s Fingers

If he is close with your friends, intentionally while meeting with them, he would let your name slip out of his mouth intentionally- though your friends will think it happens unconsciously. (He is being smart playing his game here). He can repeat this for two times at least; with this your friends already have some unsaid words in them. He does this purposefully knowing fully well that you will ge to know through them, and he patiently is on the look-out for your next actions; how you would behave to him when next you guys meet, your attitude, gestures and body language will be scanned.

by Ola Moses

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