Only The Detail-Oriented Can Find All 5 People In This Photo! Personality Test

How many can you see yet? Seen all already? Obviously, finding the people here will help your observation view and other things.

It is okay if you cannot find all, this is just a game to exercise your minds and sharpen your pictorial brain.

This is the photo- can you find all the 5 people? If not, how many people can you find?

The first person to be seen is most visible seen on the right cheek of the big face; a lady with her arms raised above her shoulders.

The second person to be seen is most visible seen on the left cheek of the big face; a young woman with a cover on her head looking in north-east direction.

The third person to be seen is most visible seen behind picture 3; a man also looking in the direction of picture 3. You will find him where you will see the right ear of a body.

The fourth person that many seem not to see is a young woman with an imaginary look (maybe a mermaid or an angel) at the extreme right hard corner of the whole photo; right next to picture 2.

And lastly, the fifth person to be seen is the large face of a granny made up of the people.

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