The 4 Stages Of Every Love (Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3)

The 4 Stages Of Every Love (Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3)
Love is a deep language often misinterpreted and abused- In it is fun, dream, commitment, pain, patience, the list goes on. It can leads to marriage as you enters deeper or go higher in your pursuit of real love. However what we choose to see without are not always real when we are in. so do we then say love is not real? What makes a couple to become a worthy couple? What are the stages that every love story must pass to fulfill marriage vows?

Read on, and remember to pass to a friend. Encourage them

Tell them they can be a worthy couple.

The First Stage
This is the genesis of having affections that cause goose-bump as we think of the ideal mate that is before us. We do not think not of the commitments, dedications, attitudes and other elements needed to have a long-lasting love relationship, but romance love only. We had thought this feeling and goose-bump will lasts for eternity.

It is a stage where we are being blindfolded of what will become by the fire of love that has just being ignited in our hearts.
The 4 Stages Of Every Love (Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3)

The Second Stage
This is the second stage where we level up and raise our bar from the hall of “would you marry me?’ to the hall of “To death do us apart” (hopefully, you won’t change the tune of the song as you reach higher stages). Here, we become husband and wife- couple. The woman has left his parent’s house and cleave unto his husband and become one.

Deep interaction takes place here, we feel appreciated, feeling more responsible, the joy of becoming a father or mother soon cause your face to beam with joy- smiles at least. You now earn a place of honor in the society, also amongst your friends; you are no longer a spinster or bachelor the world used to know. Couple’s likes and dislikes are vetted better than the first stage. No more fake love stories in suffice to stage one. Now is the show time- to practice the love belief you share with another as carried out in stage one.

Is this the end of love? Maybe you do not know there is more to come. It has never been the end of the road. You are just about starting.
The 4 Stages Of Every Love (Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3)

The Third Stage
Here commitments and responsibilities are multiplied, you have kids now; how to raised them and give them good upbringings now come into show. Financial power, emotional power, mental power are more needed in this stage like never before.

We stumble on disappointments as we find out that `what we had hope for are not exactly as we have painted them. Now realities are setting in, what we have never thought about are coming into picture. Is it that we are getting bored now? Or could we say we no longer love again? Where are those sparks that ignited our fire at the beginnings? - We muster to ourselves. We feel less loved and are burdened with dry thoughts which might force us to react angrily to what surrounds us. We had not bargained for this and not prepared. How we feel we have clear option to opt out of the commitment, which some would do anyways, and this is the stage where divorce is so rampant in marriage.

Unhappiness, boredom are many of the things that will be confronted here. The thing is everyone (couple) enters the stage 3, not only you. But one thing that is so sure is what will keep you both going and moving is not love that brought you two together, but the commitments and agreements you have shared- if you will do well to honor them (because not all will do).

In stage 3, you will be forced to learn how to compromise and to negotiate situations- Deep understanding like never before is required to succeed stage 3.The 4 Stages Of Every Love (Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3)

The Fourth Stage
If there is any couple that scales through stage 3 without parting ways with their partners. Then they can boldly say “we came, we saw and we conquered!” They are already on their way to become a mentor to other couples.

Stage four births lasting and evergreen love. They already suffered sufferings in stage 3. You might not know what they have passed through until you find yourself in stage 3. Caps off to whoever any couple who scale through. They have got wounds, now is the time to get healed as they rely on the good seeds they have sown in stage 3.
The 4 Stages Of Every Love (Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3)
It is worth saying that without stage 3, stage 4 will be invisible.

Back to what I was saying in paragraph 2 of this stage, the couple come together, work hand in hand and see to each other’s healing. The fun and romance that went blank in stage 3 will surface (out of nowhere). Happiness, joy, peace, dreams, love are few of the many sweet experiences they will live.

Their romance is refreshed and the fire of their love keeps burning on the altar of commitment. They come together to change others world- they will be able to change others’ world because they were able to changed theirs.

It is said that what you don’t have, you can’t give. You see them becoming worthy mentors to other couple help them, and subconsciously lead the societies at large to the Promised Land.

The 4 Stages Of Every Love (Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3)

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