10 Ways To PROTECT Your Energy As An EMPATH In 2021

A new year begins in just a matter of days now, barely two weeks even. The new year is going to bring with it so much energy, both positive and negative. But to be honest, we must expect the best in 2020. It’s a new decade after all.

Being an empath in a world full of people with different feelings can be hard. You find yourself picking up energies around you, both positive and negative. You find yourself feeling or sensing people’s energies. When you come in contact with someone who is sad, blue or depressed, you find yourself sharing those feelings too. In some cases, people who are sad end up feeling better after meeting with you, and you end up feeling sad or depressed afterwards. This is because you have unknowingly transferred your positive energy to them and absorbing their negative energy into yourself.

2020 is a new year full of prospects and opportunities. It would be terrible to find yourself in a rollercoaster of emotions that you know nothing about. To prevent such, you would have to protect your energy, and keep yourself sane and positive. Below are 10 ways to protect your energy as an empath in the coming year 2020.


Empaths have the unique ability to absorb negative energy around them. Although this is not done on purpose, it can still be controlled. The first thing to do to protect your own energy is to set boundaries. These boundaries do not only protect your own energy, they prevent negative energy from penetrating your aura. Effective energy boundaries include surrounding yourself with nature like plants. Family photos and other things that make you happy can also be used to block out stress from you. Furthermore, blocking out sound through earplugs or headphones are equally helpful.


Empathy is a unique gift. However without balance, you could find yourself running into chaos all the time due to the accumulated negative energy that is not even yours. Being an empath does not mean you have to take in everything that comes your way. Try to find a balance, most of all, for the sake of your own sanity. There have been cases whereby people slip into drug and alcohol abuse as a result of too much energy they have taken in. The most important thing is to provide relief to those in pain without hurting yourself in the process. Do the things you love, stay positive, and you can go out and come back with your positivity still intact.


We all have that one person who is constantly negative. It could be a close family member, a distant relative, a friend or even an acquaintance. Whoever they may be, empaths will always feel emotionally, psychologically and positively drained after spending time with them. Such people exude a negative energy and aura, and empaths can’t help but absorb it all whenever they are with them. As the new year approaches, it would be wise to cut such people off as friends. 
But in cases where they are your family, you can limit the amount of time you spent with them and always be on guard and anxious not to take in anything you should not be taking in. Establish and strengthen boundaries whenever you are with such people, or stay away from them completely.


In several cultures, water is used as a form of purification. It is just like when we take a shower, and wash away grime and dirt, water is equally used to wash away every negative energy around and within you. You  do not need to visit any cultural place to be purified by water, you can do that yourself in the comfort of your home. Whenever you have a wash, you can simply imagine the negative energy wash away with the dirt, and surprisingly, you will feel better. Also, you can picture yourself standing under a body of flowing water and visualize the stress and negative energy go away.


Everyone has a technique that works for them, find yours and stick to it. Meditation does not only protect your energy, it helps you find a balance and connect with your inner soul. Meditation should be done daily, depending on your schedule. But keeping it up will help you build your strength in resisting stress and negative energy.


In some cases, negative energies remain in our bodies in the form of strong emotions. Some people may see it as a childish or a womanly thing, but writing actually helps you feel better. Although it may not be scientifically proven yet, but we feel it in our gut and we know that writing down how you feel about something has an effect somehow. What writing does is to help you release those pent up emotions and energy. So why not get a journal today and start writing.


As an empath, whether you like it or not, energy must flow through you. In the world generally, energy must flow. It would not do to block yourself from the outside negative and positive energy, take steps to protect yourself from too much negative energy and sieve out unwanted stress. If you can, visualize a form of covering or protection around you with areas where your own negative energy can flow out and positive energy from the enviroment can flow in. This shield protects you from absorbing too much stress and at the same time, protects you from creating an imbalance due to your own energy.


Empaths are unmistakable healers. They may not possess healing powers, but their ability to take in someone’s negative, sad, painful or depressed feeling is a psychological healing of some sorts. But with all the good intentions, empaths need time for themselves to replenish lost energies. If possible, take time off, away from anyone and everyone, just to get yourself back on track. You can use the alone-time to meditate, engage in some meaningful activity, reading etc, anything you know that will help you get yourself back together again.


Nature, including water have excellent healing powers. A simple walk through the forest, or a visit to the beach can work great wonders for rejuvenating you. It is even recommended that you walk barefoot if necessary through the waterside or forest. With this, you can actually feel bad aura and stress leaving you. It can also help if you surround yourself with elements of nature in your home and immediate surroundings like plants, or even small animals.


Most times when we feel down and blue, it is not because we have done anything wrong or that we have a problem. Most times those feelings are not even ours. As empaths, when we find ourselves in a fix due to bad energy, send it back. You do not need to know the owner of the energy to send it back, you can simply send it to the earth, that way it leaves your body and can possibly be reversed into something positive. Reversing negative energies requires absolute concentration and meditation to make it work. In the long run, it is totally worth it.

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