5 Habits To Unlock Your Creative Side In 2020 - They Are Effective, Try Them!

Everybody has the potential to be a creative genius. With the right circumstances, opportunities and situations, we can have more geniuses than we can count. Which brings us to the question, what does it take to unlock that creative side in each and every one of us. Here are 5 habits that will help your unlock your potential and set you on the path to becoming a creative genius in 2020.


All around us are unlimited sources of inspiration and information, and it would take a keen observer to pick up the tiniest bit of detail. People who are creative are very good observers. Being observant means more than watching what goes on around you.
With acute concentration, observation will help you see things that ordinarily you would not have seen. It brings to your knowledge, important details that cannot be easily grasped.
   Most times, it would be better to keep writing materials on standby , in order to write dowm what you have observed. That way it cannot be easily lost or forgotten.


To be honest, waking up early can be one of the most difficult things to do. But however, early rising does have its benefits. According to research, it is at the early hours of the day that the creative area of the brain is at its highest point. By studying famous creative minds and personalities, it was discovered that greater number of them confessed to getting up in the early hours of morning for various reasons, centering around working without distractions and working with maximum productivity. 


The most obvious and dangerous effect of multitasking is the lack of focus it creates. When you have your mind set on several things at once, you’ll end up getting nowhere and also not getting enough work done. Multitasking is the killer of creativity and focus. Your attention is divided and you are unable to concentrate enough on one task to get it done effectively. As much as possible, avoid multitasking. Focus on one task at a time and watch your creativity and skills grow.


As tempting as it can be, perfection is actually not a good thing. Yes we mus strive to do things right, but we must also understand that we are still human despite everything. And as humans, we are prone to make mistakes. Bear in mind that your ideas can never be a hundred percent perfect. There will be imbalance, there will be mistakes, there will be flaws and so on. But that is just fine. Refrain from criticizing yourself and understand that it is all a part of the process. Once you get past that, you will be alright.
   Also, try to have a little fun every now and then. It helps to unwind and release stress from the body. Give yourself time to feel better.

5.  READ   

Just like our body needs exercise to keep fit and healthy, so does our mind. The only way to exercise our mind is by reading. Reading makes us alert, improves our focus and strengthens our brain and cognitive abilities. Daily reading helps to improve one’s imagination and inspire as well.
  There have even been reports that reading also helps to decrease one’s chances of having Alzheimer’s disease. Whatever it is, try to read at least one book daily, in any field or area. It could be business, health, inspirational etc. It will go a long way to improve your mind and help you on your path to creativity.

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