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5 Ways To Have A Seemingly Impossible Man Attracted To You

How To Make An Emotionally Unavailable Man Fall In Love: 5 Ways To Do It is what we discussed in this post'. A seemingly impossible man has no emotions left running inside of him- he has chosen to lock-up. He probably become this because of his past experiences that has come with his love relationship or in other spheres of his life. Maybe things are eating him up already, he has never thought of you, and he’s not thinking of you, and there are chances he will never think of you- but you can make him think of you if he is the one you desire.

Poor you! You have fallen in love with a man that is not available emotionally. You are not to be blamed, that is love for you, and strangely it pops up where one has never thought.

 As it is now, he is not looking at your direction and this remains your secret pains. Here is a good news for you. This post equips you with what to know and do that would make your seemingly impossible dream man to eventually have a goose-bump for you.

Read on as you unveil the what-to-dos that are highlighted below.

1. Only talk about NOW- not Tomorrow!

He has enough phobias on his full hands already, don’t scare him with future-talks so soon. Live more in the present in your discussions with him. You have fallen in love with a seemingly impossible man (who is emotionally unavailable). So to make this impossible man fall in love with you, live and enjoy the present moments only.
Though he is lost in the emotional world, maybe as a result of what has happened to him in his past love relationships. He has many regrets and ‘what ifs’ he is battling with already, don’t let him re-live these experiences again by initiating him to your deep and future plans now.
He is still not ready to live in the future atmosphere yet, but since it is him your love oracle pick. Don’t think or discuss tomorrow with him yet until he is able to walk past his shadows lest you lose your odds.
5 Ways To Have A Seemingly Impossible Man Attracted To You

2. Only pose to him as a friend- not a future girlfriend!

In this light, your end and your means are opposite: You had desired to be his girlfriend, but you wouldn’t show it now. If you will come out with your intention on the onset, he might run and make himself far away from you.
It will be a wise move for you when you become his friend first- getting to know and understand one another. Let him see your strengths as a friend, what you can offer, let him know your personality. Little by little, you see him opening up to you, allowing you to be in his life as you spend time together.
When he trusts you as a friend, then he can start having a romance feeling for you.

3. Pour your heart to him!

Be sincere with him, and always engage him with discussions. A seemingly impossible man talks less to people, they keep to themselves, and are usually lost in their thoughts. A sincere woman who will talk and open him up stands a great chance to capture his heart.
Communicate words that come from the heart of your hearts that you may reach his heart; then you can dig into the well of his emotions.
If he observes you are sincere, empathetic, trustworthy, plain, then he will have less trouble to open up to you because he has tested and confirm your loyalty and trust.
He will then starts sharing secrets and open up to you. Then you enjoy and know him better.
5 Ways To Have A Seemingly Impossible Man Attracted To You

4. Let him know you are also an independent lady!

In as much that you desire to live the rest of your life with him, let him know you can survive without him for you to stand a chance of attraction before him. Every man wants to walk and be with a strong lady who is capable mentally. There will be times you have to check this seemingly impossible man, then he will know you can’t wait till eternity for him, also that you are not really obsess with him- you can move on with or without him.
This will prompt him to walk away from his past lives quickly, by now he will be conscious that he does not have the whole time in the world to confine himself in his regrettable past lives. He tends to appreciate your feelings more if you do this.
5 Ways To Have A Seemingly Impossible Man Attracted To You
However, you don’t have to be so far away from him while exercising this. Don’t run to him every time he calls, cause him to wait. As attractive as you are, try to play dumb in his presence. He might have reasons to consider his ways now and see you as what you had wanted him to call you- a lover!

5. Don’t ask for much!

Don’t ask him much of himself: it takes time for a seemingly impossible man to be committed. Understand this and let him adjust slowly to the new developments taking place in his life. He is still new to what you are introducing to him. Don’t expect he will flow with you right from the onset. Give him time when needed and don’t play fast with him.

Yes! There are expectations from a lover, but knowing fully well he is emotionally unavailable as an impossible man as he is. Drag him smartly and carefully into what you expect from him, hear him out and give him time if he sounds positive.
A seemingly impossible man hates pressure; actually pressure chokes them. Be guided enough not to force things happen as a lady.
5 Ways To Have A Seemingly Impossible Man Attracted To You
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