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8 Signs He Has Deeper Feelings For You, Even If He’s Never Said It (Spot Them)

1. He does them differently….

The way he stares at you; say your name; and brush through your hair. His touches become so intense, it is what you will feel passionately. You will surely be glad he does all these.

2. He always have something to tell you…

He shares thoughts and ideas with you and would want to know how lines are falling for you as well. He does this because he values and adore you.

3. He reaches out to you regardless…

He always have your time, if he does not, then he will find one for you. Via call, SMS or social media platforms- you will always hear from him. He will say ‘sorry’ if he has not reached you on time.

4. He identifies with you…

Regardless of the setting he finds himself per time and season of your life, he is proud to identify with you. To anyone, if need be for him to talk about you, this he will do without hesitation in a positive manner. He shows you to his people and will engage in outdoor activities with you.

5. He is always there…

In your good and bad times, he will always be by you. Nothing will cause him to forsake you. He is a confidant and helper in times that are not good. He stays put even when you wrong him and understand your emotions, if he is the culprit here, then he apologises straight away.

6. He won’t stop knocking on your door…

He will continually do those things that are stated above until you take note. He is so much in love with you, he feels passionately for you, his emotions are deep. What he does is beyond hitting on you because he is so passionate on every of his actions towards you.
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