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How To Attract The Love Of Your Life And Avoid Toxic People - 5 Things You Should Definitely STOP 2020

1. You can attract good guys.

With your acts and talks – attract good guys. Present yourself well, the way you carry yourself matters here more.

2. Be sensible.

Know that you cannot always have your way, things might not always go your way. You don’t always have to play the blame game.
Love relationship is for two equalities, one has to put the partner in consideration. Listen and value each other’s values.

3. Guide yourself in changing relationship like a pad.

The relationship could be a black market, avoid jumping from frying-pan to fire. Check yourself. Most often, the change we crave for in our relationships with others has to start from us, but we tend to put the blame on our partner.
Don’t force their hands to do what they don’t love to do initially. Make sure you are not the one calling out the demon in them.

4. Don’t be desperate.

Know what you want, and go for it only. If it will cause you to wait- you may have to wait. Be patient enough where necessary. Don’t be blindfolded in your fiercest desire lest you live a regret life. Being desperate and so urgent in entering a new relationship attracts some kind of men you had not desired to you, which might prompt you to settle for less.

5. Learn to say NO

You cannot always take in to what he always do to you. Learn to object if you see you are being mishandled, you are not a trash bin that receives all things. Voice out, that he may know you have some rights as well. Live out your fear, don’t panic that if you say NO to some things, he will walk out of your life. Be yourself and don’t be what you hate to be.
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