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You Were Never My Forever Person But A Lesson I Had To Learn - 5 Reason He/She Is

It happens – mistakes happen. Infact, failure is part of the show, but I have learnt how to smile in the face of my failures. Though my past love relationships gave me woes, but they have also taught me well and I will never forget what I have being taught. In pains, love has taught me so well! I didn’t know there is sour part of love that am not aware of, I thought I will laugh till the end, I didn’t see it coming, so I was not prepared for the woes I faced.

Fortunately, I did not throw my head into the towel of my woes that met me while with you. By is by, all I can say now is you are just a great lesson I had to learn- I have no regrets now for the past.

1. I was taught ‘not to depreciate my values at the benefits of others.’

To always be myself, I was living for my partner and not for myself. Now that I am wiser, I know the values of self-worth. I don’t have to shrink in my quality dispensation of good heights to myself again. I had thought I can never make it alone, but here I am still standing, and my oceans keep making waves.

My good heart is exploited, I thought if I always dance to my partner’s tune, I will enjoy peace in my love relationship. But it is what it is!

2. I was taught ‘love in practical.’

Now I know that many things we have not put to practice aren’t real. I earlier thought to succeed in love is easy just as the talk of the mouth. Until one enters into the middle of the shore, you never know how deep the lake is.

Now I know love is beyond the confessions of mouth.

3. I was taught ‘not to give up on myself’

I had become dependent on my partner, that I could not practically do anything for myself. I had though my life depends and cannot survive without my partner. Looking at the mirror, all I see is myself- telling myself “if I fall, I shall rise’.

Even if my partner gave up on me, I shouldn’t give up on myself. My life can be still interesting without the partner that failed me.

4. I was taught ‘that letting go is not for the weak.’

The fact that I no longer drool over you is a sign of maturity on my side, your thoughts no longer cause me shame or make me cry. I am stronger now than how I was before I met my woes in my relationship with you.
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