10 Useful Psychology Tricks That You Need To Know


We live in a world where wit and intelligence are constantly put to use to survive on a daily basis. Despite all this, we still need more than intelligence to get by certain situations. 

For instance, there are situations whereby you will need to manipulate or influence your way out of. 

This is why it is important to know some psychological tricks beforehand so it will be easier to get out of such situations.

Here are some simple psychological tricks you need to know. You never know when they can prove useful.


Sometimes we cannot help but notice that someone is watching us. Most of the time, we may even see the person who we believe is stealing glances at us. But to avoid making false accusations, we keep quiet and pretend. When you suspect someone is watching you, try yawning. If they yawn back, it means they were watching you all along.


It is not usually easy to get people to agree with you. However, with this psychological trick, you can get anyone to agree with you at any time. All you need to do is nod when you are speaking to them or making a request. It is called mirroring, and when you do so, the other person will be forced to do the same and hence, agree with you.


Making and maintaining eye contact with someone during a conversation makes it easier for them to speak to you or open up to you. If you wish to find out a piece of information about something, maintain eye contact when speaking to the person. You do not really need to say much, as your eyes will silently urge them to speak to you.


When you use someone’s name during a conversation, it holds their attention and makes them believe they are the focus of your attention. So hold and maintain someone’s attention during conversations, always call or repeat their names during the conversation.


When studying, try to play some music. It will help you concentrate and at the same time make you remember all you have studied. However, do not play music with lyrics, go for classical or instrumental instead, as the lyrics of the song will easily distract you.


When someone has your attention, you turn your body to face that person, including your feet. However, if someone turns their body towards you but not their feet, it means they would rather not have the conversation with you and would rather be on their own. They may simply be listening to you out of courtesy.


Smiling has a way of alleviating sadness from your body and mind. Even when you find it hard to smile, you can fake one. This will send a signal to your brain, and will actually make you believe you are happy.


This is perhaps the oldest way of gaining someone’s trust. If you want to become someone’s friend, first act as their friend. Show concern for them, compliment them, smile at them and make eye contact during conversations. They are more likely to remember you this way. 

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