12 Powerful Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Influence People – Known Them


Peoples actions have always been controlled by certain things ranging from the things we do, the things we see, the things we hear and finally, the things we are made or told to do. Although we may not know it, we can be influenced directly or indirectly to do something.


The influence of push we need to do certain things may not be physical, they can be emotional or psychological. Here are 11 ways you can influence people psychologically.


Scientists have proven that calling a person by their name or title has its desired effects. For starters, no matter the language you use, hearing your name called out grabs your attention as it sounds very nice. Your name is the first part of your identity, and so hearing it will make you feel validated. At that point, you will be unconsciously ready to do anything.

On the other hand, titles work in similar ways. When you give a title to someone, he or she is compelled to become exactly that. For instance, calling someone your boss, will make them feel a sense of responsibility and they will want to work towards that title.


The surest way of getting someone’s attention and friendship is through compliments. Talk to them. Tell them how amazing they look, how hardworking they are, how brilliant their idea is and you are guaranteed not to forgotten in a hurry. This is because, when you compliment someone, you grab their attention and make them feel special. For someone who appreciates good compliments, you are sure to be remembered all the time.


When people are tired, it is not just their bodies that lack energy to do work anymore, their emotional and mental state is weary as well. Take advantage of that and make your request. The answer you will get will probably be the promise to do what you asked the next day. On the next day, remind them of their promise, and they will grant your request. This is due to the fact that people like to keep their work and not termed unreliable.

4. NOD

Have you noticed that you find yourself nodding when someone is doing same while talking to you. When you wish to get someone agree to something, or influence them, a nod to them while talking. Chances are, they will nod back even without realizing it. Do so in conversations and the other person will unconsciously agree to your requests.


If you want some big favour from someone, start by asking for something small that they cannot resist. Once they have agreed to the first smaller request, they are more open to a bigger request. However, the bigger request must not follow exactly on the heels of the first, take some time, like a day or two before making the second request.


Flattery is often seen as a gift-wrapped insult. However, if used well, it could yield effective results. You should understand that not everyone will appreciate being flattered. The people who might appreciate it are people who already know how good they are at something. Flattering will only help to boost their already solid thinking of themselves. On the other hand, flattering someone who is unsure of their own self-image can paint you as the bad person.


Mimicking is something we often do unintentionally. It is the act of copying someone’s behaviour or traits and acting like such a person. Using this skill on purpose can make people like you more. When you knowingly copy someone else’s behaviour, it makes them feel like such inspirations, and they will like you more. They may be ready to take on your requests seeing that their actions rub off on you.



Scientists have proven that when someone does you a favour, they are inclined to like you. This is because, the must-have thought you are worth helping and as such much be worth their approval as well. To get in someone’s good books, get them to do a favour for you, you will have their attention and will also have their approval. Don’t forget to be thankful though.


Start off with huge and ridiculous demand. This will throw them off guard, but at the same time, grab their attention. However, be sure that the request is something they will not be so willing to grant. Shortly thereafter, approach them with a more reasonable and smaller request, one they cannot refuse.

They will be willing and obliged to help out with the second request, partly out of pity for disregarding the first one you made, and partly out of consideration.


This is a very good way of establishing relationship with people. It shows that you are a good listener, and will make a good companion or friend. It is called reflective listening because you are repeating back what they said to you earlier. It will make them see that you understand them, which is really what people want.


When you are more prone to calling people out on their flaws, especially someone you are trying to impress, it does not really do the job of making them approve of you. To get into someone’s good books, you must not be too hasty in judging their actions. They may have a reason for doing so. What you can do, is to listen to them and try to find out their motive or reason for doing what they did. They will appreciate the support and will be more likely to remember you. 

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