14 Reasons Why People Ghost Out Of Relationships And What You Can Do About It


People go into relationships for various reasons. Some venture into relationships out of love, some for fun, others for the sexual pleasure and some others for the fun and adventure of it. As much as people go into relationships for various reasons, so do they get different reactions. 

Heartbreak is a common occurrence when relationships do not work out. Ghosting is a different issue altogether.

Ghosting is the deliberate act whereby one person shuts the other person out without any explanation. It can be a painful experience especially when you do not know why the other person acts that way. 

Ghosting can be done in two ways. It can happen during the first date or when the relationship has already begun. Here are eight reasons why people can ghost out on you and what you can do about it.


People who are more prone to ghosting on people have self-esteem issues. For their own reason, they always feel like they will be criticized for one thing or another. When they ghost out of relationships or dates, they do so to avoid feeling ashamed or feeling criticized. Although they might claim they are trying to keep you from getting hurt, ghosting you will still cause the pain they thought to avoid.


People who ghost may be doing so for their own reasons or for the sake of their own sanity. Some people have been through horrible past relationships, so it is very possible they are ghosting because they are being cautious and guarded of their feelings. They may simply do so to avoid being hurt again.


Some people are cowardly and chicken-hearted. They avoid confrontations at all cost, even when they shouldn’t. it does not come as a surprise if such people ghost out of relationships because they are scared of what will come out of it. They lack the courage to tell you to your face that they do not want to see you or continue the relationship, instead, they ghost out and hope you forget them so soon.


While some people may have reasons for ghosting out, others do so just for the fun of it. A good example of people in such category are the narcissists. They are concerned with gaining their own satisfaction and pleasure, not bothering about the other person. Once they have had their fill of the relationship, they ghost out and pretend you do not exist anymore.


Although this is not a good enough reason to ghost out of relationships, it may be because it is purely unintentional. People can be so occupied with work that they may have little or no time for anything else or even someone else. They may have a hard time replying to simple messages or keeping up with dates due to their busy schedules. 


People who are more likely to ghost are the same people who run away or avoid certain situations like intimacy. People like this do not ghost out from the start, they ghost out when the relationship becomes deep and emotions become involved. At this point, they run.


Probably at the onset of the relationship, one party made their rules or principles known to the other party. For some reason, the partner breaks the rules, much to the annoyance of the owner. He or she may decide to use ghosting to teach a lesson or reestablish a boundary and let their partner know how much it means to them.


Depression is a disastrous experience. Worse still, some people may not know that they are depressed. Others who do may not want to talk about it. Depression make people withdraw from their normal daily activities. They even withdraw from friends and their families. So when your significant other ghosts you, they may actually be going through some distressing circumstances.


Being ghosted can be painful. But when you have been ghosted by someone else, you can make the best of the situation by following these tips:


Understand that someone ghosting you does not mean you are a horrible person, the fault and blame goes to them. However, accept what happened, forget them and move on with your life.


As much as possible, do not try to put the blame on yourself. You owe it to yourself to be happy and not dwell on what you could have done to make things better.


When you have been ghosted, the last thing you would want to do is to isolate yourself from the world. It would only bring back memories and make you wallow in self- pity and guilt. Go out and have fun.


Just like you would avoid contacting your ex, do so to the ghost. Do not call them for any reason. They may pick up or they may not. Either way you will feel worse and you will find yourself a long way from being healed.


You cannot remain single forever because of a bad choice of relationship. This is why you need to heal faster so you can get back into the dating game. It will help you realize some values and be happy again.

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