5 Disturbing Signs You Are Gifted Spiritually


Do you sometimes do and feel what’s weird and strange? Do you sometimes do something spontaneously and can’t really tell what has come over you to do such? Do you always feel something is missing for you in this world? If yes, it shows the spiritual world wants to get in touch with you – you have a spiritual calling you have to pay attention to.

1. You Feel You Have To Be Somewhere You Can’t Really Place.

There are times, when you feel out of this space (world). In this month, you are deeply lost in thought and you are already seeing yourself in another world you can’t describe, you sometimes see the aged ones that have passed on whenever you are going through this.

You feel there’s something they want you to do –maybe an information to pass across.

If this is you, then you are gifted spiritually.

2. Your Instinct Feels What Will Happen Soon.

 Instinctively, you can read between the lines and feel what will happen soon to a close friend. Out of pity, you will feel remorseful and take pity on what will happen soon. You can feel and sense danger from afar, thus you feel responsible to see to the protection of these people, eventually if what your intuition has predicted come to pass, you become sad and feel helpless.

3. You Are Awake At Midnight Hours.

You have not set your alarm bell to wake you up in midnight hours, but it just happen that you are mostly awake at odd hours (1 a.m. – 4 a.m.) maybe with the help of nightmares or the sound of something apart from your alarm bell. This means the spirit realm is calling you forth to bond and have a fellowship with you.

This is another evidence that you have a spiritual gift that you need to put in use.

4. Your Dreams Are Always Fulfilled.

To avoid easy assimilation, I use the word ‘dream’ as dreams and vision- they either come in sleep or thoughts. If what you’ve seen and talked about usually come to pass, then you are in this category as well- you are gifted spiritually.

5. You Are Still In Touch With Your Dream After Many Minutes.

Not all enjoy this –to wake up from sleep and still remember what they have dreamt after several minutes. If you are the type that after you wake up for several minutes, your dreams still reverberate in both your conscious and subconscious mind, then you are under the category of those that are spiritually gifted.

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  1. If you have ever stood alone in the middle of a storm and felt power wash over you, or been so awed by the full moon that you wanted to cry, or looked into the eyes of a baby and seen the entire universe stretching out to infinity, then you have experienced the energy of magic and the magic of energy.
    Everyone has access to magic

    Imagine, then, if you could channel that immense energy into whatever you desire. If you could take that energy at will and transform it into intention. You can. And it's not that hard to do.

  2. Incredible! 95% of the information here is applicable to me and I wonder how did you do it such that every is accordingly as per spiritual gift.


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